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Atari Token Plans a Public Listing in Partnership With Bitcoin.com in November


Atari plans to list its proprietary token in November 2020 publicly. Bitcoin.com exchange will be their partner in the first public offering. Atari Token (ATRI) will be available to trade on Bitcoin.com in early November.

Traders can purchase ATRI using the most famous cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. Atari Group will publish further detail about the listing soon.

A Major Step for Expanding the User-Base

The listing of Atari Token in cryptocurrency exchanges like Bitcoin.com is a piece of important news for early adopters and also the project itself. It will provide better liquidity for them. When users find access to trading opportunities with this token, the adoption rate and the ecosystem’s growth speed will increase.

Atari Group has been busy with multiple partnerships. They try to grow their blockchain community faster. Partnering with other developers in the blockchain and entertainment community helps the group broaden the use case of ATRI. Currently, the token is mostly used in online entertainment, the expertise area for Atari Group.

Atari Chain, the blockchain-focused subsidiary of Atari Group, is responsible for implementing ATRI’s public sale. The group will receive 30% of the revenue derived from the sales of the Atari Token.


The upcoming public sale for ATRI is the second phase of sale for this token. The first and second rounds were focused on raising funds and testing the network. Atari Chain led the initial rounds by offering the token at $0.08 and raised about $1 million in the second round.

Atari Group will launch the Atari Exchange at the time of public listing, too. The exchange will offer standard cryptocurrency trading solutions and support for expanding the user-base of ATRI token.

Atari Token is the latest try from a renowned brand in the entertainment industry to use its reputation as a means to grow in the novel blockchain ecosystem. Atari was one of the leading players in the video game industry and now tries to achieve a market share in another revolutionary technology.

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