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Blockchain technology has targeted multiple traditional industries for disruption. The financial sector is the one that many users consider as the most fundamental goal of blockchain products. But many other aspects of the modern world can benefit from this novel decentralized, secure technology. Video games and other digital entertainment products are some of those sectors that can experience a full evolution phase with blockchain.

There are a handful of blockchain-based video games out there – most notable in the mobile market. They try to leverage multiple features of the technology to provide a better gaming experience.

Tradable tokens, secure identity management systems in games, and financial incentives for gamers are examples. Some industry players try to offer more comprehensive solutions that have a significantly bigger picture in mind. Atari token is one of them.

What is Atari Token?

Atari token – funded by shareholders in Atari Chain, Ltd – is an ERC-20 token developed by a team of Atari Group and ICICB members.

It uses decentralized ledger technology (DLT) as the fundamental layer and aims at the digital entertainment world. The final goal is to provide a token that is tradable across multiple entertainment platforms.

Atari token’s development team wants to offer a comprehensive solution for gamers to benefit from multiple features of blockchain technology. It intends to issue a token that is accessible to as many platforms and users as possible. They consider many aspects of digital entertainment, from video games to online casinos.

Atari token’s initial use-case can be a cross-platform payment solution within the entertainment industry. But the Atari Chain team believes this token can become a global payment solution, too.

“The Atari Token has many uses, from facilitating smart contracts to expanding and protecting in-game monetization and assets. We aim at creating a token that is safe, simple to use, reliable, universal, and liquid,” according to the Atari Chain official website.

atari project

The presale phases of Atari token started in March 2020. The roadmap was designed to public sale the token in the late summer or early fall of 2020.

Atari token will initially be able for users to trade goods – especially digital assets – within the Atari network. Atari Universe and Atari Casino are other places that users can spend their Atari tokens. As mentioned before, the team looks at more global big markets for this token.

Interested users can buy Atari token in the presale phases with famous cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, LTC, and BCH. They receive a voucher that will be converted to token after the project goes completely live. Atari chain then aims to list the token on exchanges so users can trade it with other cryptocurrencies or even fiat money. A token wallet is a phase in the roadmap, too.

Atari Chain has partnered with notable names in the cryptocurrency and entertainment industries to develop and promote Atari token. Litecoin Foundation, ICICB, Arkane Network, Unikan, Native Games, Animoca Brands, Gametaco, Robot Cache, Blockchain Game Alliance, and Wax are some of them.

Atari Ecosystem

Atari Chain Ltd has created an ecosystem around its plans. The ecosystem includes significant components needed to develop and promote cryptocurrencies and their use-case in the entertainment industry. Atari Exchange, Atari Bet, and Atari Casino are three pillars of this ecosystem.

Atari Exchange

Atari exchange will be an independent cryptocurrency exchange that indeed supports Atari token, too. The development team offers a mobile app for this exchange that supports multiple cryptocurrencies. Undoubtedly, the Atari exchange will have a long way to compete with big names in the exchange industry. But the word of Atari and considerable history behind that brand will help them attract users faster.

Atari exchange will support a vast range of cryptocurrencies and even fiat money. Users can buy crypto using credit cards. A solution that surely helps attract more mainstream users.

Atari Bet

atari bet

Atari Chain Ltd aims the overall entertainment industry. Betting is one of the most famous entertainments in the world with considerable history and growth chance. The team had started a betting platform that supports Atari token, too.

Atari betting offers multiple services to users like live streaming and real-time betting. Atari token makes it possible for everyone from everywhere to sign-up on the platform and bet online. There will be an Atari Betting App, too, that helps users bet on the go. Atari betting supports other payment options next to Atari tokens like BTC, ETH, credit, and PayPal.

Atari Casino

Online casinos have always been a significant player in the digital entertainment industry. There are too many online casinos accepting cryptocurrencies. But the one with the name of an old honorable company like Atari can gain the trust of more users. Atari Casino offers many classic and best games of Atari next to traditional casino games.

Atari casino will surely help Atari token to gain more attraction. This platform ties with the familiar brand voice of Atari. Gaming has always been a good driver for regular users, and almost every one of them is familiar with Atari’s name.

About Atari

atari logo

Atari Inc was one of the arcade games industry pioneers, founded in 1972 by Nolan Bushnell and Tedd Dabney. The company introduced many of the best video games in modern history like Pong®, Asteroids®, and Missile Command®.

The Atari company was closed in 1984 because of the crash in the video game industry. But the brand is still alive and managed by a group of investors. It now holds the copyright for more than 200 games worldwide.

Atari brand currently offers multiple services and products like online games, online casino, the Atari VCS nostalgic gaming console, and Atari token. Atari Partners is one of the most initiatives inside Atari that focuses on Atari’s brand awareness to promote innovative solutions like blockchain projects.

It currently invests in the following projects:

  • Atari Chain, Ltd (Atari Token)
  • ICICB (casino games in crypto-currencies)
  • Gametaco, formerly Bayside Games (peer-to-peer e-sports games)
  • Qutie, Inc. (community website)



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