Arkham Intel Exchange Approved First Bounty Reward

Arkham Intel Exchange Approved First Bounty Reward
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The Arkham Intel exchange, an offshoot of Arkham Intelligence, a renowned blockchain intelligence company has granted its first approval for a bounty hunter reward following the remarkable efforts of two skilled crypto sleuths. Their relentless pursuit led to the discovery of crucial evidence pointing to crypto wallets allegedly belonging to the former Terraform Labs CEO, Do Kwon.

As per the exchange, one anonymous crypto sleuth and ErgoBTC were the successful bounty hunters and they both won a payout of 9519.2625 ARKM, which is about $4,950. Meanwhile, the implications of this breakthrough resonated beyond the confines of the crypto world. It underscored the increasing importance of maintaining trust and security within the ever-evolving Web3 landscape.

Recall that the Arkham Intel Exchange, which is branded as an on-chain intelligence marketplace where people can anonymously buy and sell intel on any crypto wallet address was launched on July 10. The Intel exchange works on a bounty-style mechanism where anyone can post a bounty by locking funds to request information on crypto addresses or entities. Bounty hunters can then fulfill these intel requests in exchange for payment. 

Submissions have to be approved by Arkham Foundation. Once approved, bounty hunters will earn their reward, and users who funded the bounties will have access to the submission for a period of 90 days. Afterward, the information will be uploaded on the Arkham platform where its community can have full access to it.

Crypto Twitter Slams Arkham Intel Exchange

Crypto Twitter Slams Arkham Intel Exchange

Shortly after the launch of Arkham’s on-chain intelligence marketplace, the crypto community slammed the platform by calling it a “dox-to-earn program”. Also, a crypto Twitter user, Poordart mockingly said that more features would include the physical address of the wallet owner, his family background, kids’ school location, social security number, phone number, and email.

Likewise, Mark Zeller, founder of an Aave DAO service provider Aave-Chan, called the Intel exchange a “massive net negative”.

Meanwhile, Terraforms Labs, the company behind the troubled TerraUSD and Luna cryptocurrencies has announced Chris Amani as its new Chief Executive Officer(CEO). The appointment comes as co-founder Do Kwon faces a series of fraud charges and remains behind bars in Montenegro.


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