Arbitrum (ARB) to Support Cross Platform Integration with Web3 Gaming Firm Aurory

Arbitrum (ARB) Announces Cross Platform Integration with Web3 Gaming Firm Aurory
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Arbitrum (ARB), an Ethereum (ETH) layer2 scaling solution, revealed support for a cross-platform integration with Aurory, a prominent Web3 gaming company offering a universe of interoperable games, in an effort to amplify user experience.

Arbitrum Continues to Bolster Network Adoption

On July 26, Arbitrum took to Twitter to announce the cross-chain integration with Aurory, marking an important step to boost Interoperable gaming experiences for users. Over the recent past, the ARB network has been continuously ramping up efforts to increase adoption in the ever-growing demand for scalability and efficiency, among leading blockchains.

Meanwhile, leading crypto projects have also been tapping Arbitrum to scale as well as launch new services to cement their presence in the burgeoning world of decentralized finance (DeFi) and blockchain gaming. For instance, Circle, the developer of the dollar-backed stablecoin, USD Coin (USDC), recently announced  its support for its native stablecoin on the ARB network.

Furthermore, in May 2023, the ARB team announced a partnership with Manta Network, a privacy protocol for DeFi, to offer its users a decentralized and private way to verify their real identities without compromising any information regarding on-chain activity.

Earlier this year, Vertex, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX), went live on the ARB blockchain enabling market participants to trade seamlessly on the platform.

Cross Chain Integration for Seamless Web3 Gaming

These developments demonstrate the importance of Arbitrum in the current blockchain technology landscape. In the latest development, the team behind the non-fungible token (NFT) driven game franchise Aurory announced that it is expanding beyond the Solana (SOL) blockchain, adding cross-chain support for Aurory NFTs and its AURY token with Arbitrum.

Cross Chain Integration for Seamless Web3 Gaming

In a nutshell, this means that any on-chain assets for the various game experiences Aurory offers, including the AURY token, NFTs, eggs and skins can exist on Solana (SOL) or Arbitrum (ARB) as long as players have deposited them into SyncSpace, which acts as a non-custodial but centralized database.

Arbitrum Boosts Blockchain Gaming Innovation

According to the official blog post, Aurory’s SyncSpace technology will allow users to move their assets between SOL and ARB seamlessly and then into the games, creating a seamless cross-chain experience for users.

In addition, SyncSpace has the potential to allow Aurory games to integrate with traditional gaming platforms that have tighter restrictions when it comes to blockchain elements in the games that they host. .J. Warner, Chief Strategy Officer at Offchain Labs, the firm behind Arbitrum, explained,

“Building an ecosystem for blockchain games requires the infrastructure to support development teams, but it’s equally important that innovative games are pushing the boundaries of web3 gaming forward. What Aurory is doing is incredibly ambitious and we are excited for our growing gaming community to experience one of the premier franchises in the industry.”

It seems the collaboration between Aurory and Arbitrum will mark an interesting milestone in the Web3 gaming space, propelling cross-chain gaming capabilities to new heights. Such developments will further help to solidify both Arbitrum and Ethereum’s position as leading blockchain platforms for gaming innovation.


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