Aptos (APT) aims for the $6 mark after gaining 40% in a day

Aptos (APT) aims for the $6 mark after gaining 40% in a day
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Based on the progress from the previous few days, it is evident that conditions in the crypto market are improving. Aptos (APT) is among the many cryptocurrencies that regained their value over the last day, which skyrocketed by a whopping 40%. The crypto market had to face multiple setbacks as a result of the crypto winter the previous year. However, things are different this year as cryptos have been on the rise since the start.

Aptos (APT) can be described as one of the most popular crypto-based projects in these modern times. Since the start of January, the token managed to witness a 66% increase in its value. Aptos labs stepped into the game for project development and ecosystem expansion. The project was made available on the main net the previous year. Not long after its launch, the project successfully managed to build a crypto community within a short time frame.

However, the supply of Aptos (APT) is still something to wonder about. On the other hand, it is fairly easy to see that the interests of many crypto investors have been on the rise on a day-to-day basis. Aptos (APT) is not responsible for the provision of other projects apart from ecosystem enhancements and marketing. It is expected that it would come forward with the introduction of a new project any time soon. Aptos (APT) aims for the $6 mark after gaining 40% in a day

Why Did Aptos (APT) Rise?

At the time of writing, Aptos (APT) is trading for approximately $5.71. The token has managed to witness a sharp increase over the previous 24 hours. Similarly, it is also up by 50.31% since last week. Apart from that, the token currently has a total market cap of almost $742 million.

Aptos (APT) started to rise upward as a result of the accompanying general market movement. In addition, the token became a new favorite of the whales. When keeping the market cap of the token in mind, it managed to rise despite the increasingly volatile gain in value. The uptrend was initiated when Bitcoin (BTC) brought resistance breakdowns for numerous altcoins. As a result, many altcoins ended up getting over the continuous downtrend.


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