Apple Removes the Bitcoin Whitepaper in its Latest macOS Ventura Beta

Apple Removes the Bitcoin (BTC) Whitepaper in its Latest macOS Ventura Beta
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Apple has released the macOS Ventura 13.4 Beta 3 to developers, and it was discovered that the tech giant has removed the Bitcoin whitepaper hidden in the files. It was recently discovered that Apple always added the original Bitcoin (BTC) whitepaper in every copy of its macOS. However, a number of users believe that Apple engineers made the addition as a joke.

When explained in a more specific manner, the file was located in a folder within the Image Capture app, coupled with other random assets that include a number of pdf files and images. It has come to light that all of these, combined, were part of an internal tool, dubbed the, that enabled Apple engineers to boost the process of scanning and exporting a series of documents without resorting to the need for an actual scanner. Apart from the Bitcoin whitepaper, the tool has been wiped clean from the beta update entirely.

Apple Removes the Bitcoin (BTC) Whitepaper in its Latest macOS

The masses believe that the recent move by Apple confirms that the whitepaper was never originally planned to be found by common users. The most sensible explanation for the event is that the engineers did not bother removing the tool and the whitepaper from the public release as they did not necessarily contain any sensitive information.

Would the Bitcoin Whitepaper Create Troubles for Apple?

The masses wonder why Apple specifically chose the whitepaper to post instead of every other document in the world. Some people believe that it was just simply a lightweight, easy-to-test pdf, whereas the other question if there is a secret Bitcoin maxi working at Apple. Many conspiracy theorists also argue that Steve Jobs was the real Satoshi Nakamoto, however, there is no weight to this claim so far. 

Would the Bitcoin Whitepaper Create Troubles for Apple?

When the whitepaper was discovered, the Apple community did not seem too impressed. There were different discussions of Apple’s helping forums online. The discovery also prompted Craig Wright, who has long since considered himself to be the pseudonymous creator of Bitcoin, to suggest that Apple was violating his rights in broad daylight. Wright previously received a court order to force the website,, to remove the copy of the whitepaper back in 2021. However, the website refused to comply with the order.

Currently, it is believed that Apple would entirely remove the paper from all upcoming versions of its macOS. The topic was in discussion for the last three weeks, and it is not surprising that the tech giant made such a move. 


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