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Amazon Prime Day Extravaganza Leads To Crypto Based Firms Giving Offers

Amazon Prime subscribers on e-commerce platform Amazon have had an opportune moment to get discounts on their shopping during the two-day shopping campaign. The latter ran from July 15th and came to an end at 23:59 PST on July 16th.

Although Amazon Prime Day came to an end, prime shoppers had an opportunity to save some bucks and get products they have been eyeing for some time. Alongside Amazon giving prime subscribers discounts, several crypto firms also came out to give their subscribers discounts. In particular, three crypto firms went above and beyond and gave their subscribers amazing discounts.

Pay With Moon Platform

Per its name Pay with Moon is in place to enable shoppers to pay for their purchases from Amazon through its Lighting Network. However, during the Amazon Prime Day, Moon had its event dubbed Crypto Prime Day, which guaranteed shoppers a 5% discount on all their purchases. Apart from using the Lighting Network to facilitate payments, shoppers also had the liberty of connecting their Coinbase accounts and pay for their shopping through Moon. Through Coinbase, users had access to quite a range of cryptocurrencies.

Amazon Prime Day

Fold App

On the other hand, Fold App came out to put its Lighting Network protocol to work by offering 5% Amazon gift cards to all shoppers who spend more than 50 dollars. Though its Lighting Network Protocol just went live the other day, it records transactions amounting to $1000 every day. Before writing this piece, Fold had paid out 100 dollars’ worth of gift cards to Prime shoppers. Apart from Amazon, users can use Fold Lighting Network protocol to pay for services at Southwest Airlines and Whole Foods among others. Fold was dishing out the gift cards one per account.


For Purse, it took a different approach and went above and beyond. Instead of offering discounts only during the two-day extravaganza, at Purse discounts are an everyday affair. Through its google extension, shoppers get discounts at Amazon after buying BTC using their debit and credit cards and shopping right at Amazon. Furthermore, more discounts are available if a user imports their wishlist. Similarly, one can also earn BTC by fulfilling customer’s orders. Through Purse, Prime day shoppers saved 5-20% on their purchases.

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