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Althea provides broadband to rural areas in the US with its technology and payments in Ethereum [ETH]

In rural areas, people have access to a lot of acreage of land, clean water and fresh food but they lack one thing a reliable internet connection. Though there are several ISP provides, their internet speeds are far low than the demand. Moreover, the providers are very few, and broadband charges are expensive. Due to the latter, it leads to homework gap which means kids can’t do homework which requires access to internet resources. Besides kids, adults can’t go online and find a date on Tinder to enjoy some time with someone they like.

However, while all the above is taking place, Althea is bridging this homework gap by providing mesh networks to furnish locals in far-flung areas with internet with lower charges with payments being made in crypto.

Althea Mesh Network Concept

The idea is simple through the use of mesh network where one commercial grade internet device is used to connect to the internet then locals, in this case, different homeowners purchase routers which connect to commercial grade device to form a mesh network. The latter creates a mesh network for sharing the internet, and that’s where Althea software comes into complete the whole process. The software enables router owners to pay each other bandwidth.


How Software Works

Althea’s software uses micropayments to incentivize and balance the flow of data around the network. Through the use of pay and you go mechanism routers which connect users to the commercial grade device have been assigned a wallet address which comes with preloaded balance, in this case, Ether [ETH] for internet usage. The router initiates payments to any node that’s responsible for forwarding traffic to the commercial grade device. Through the above connection, users have quick access to internet connection and don’t have to pay for a subscription since the mode of payment is pay as you go. In addition to that, the mesh network is way cheaper compared to the internet from the ISP. Moreover, the speeds are excellent.

Althea software and mesh network is already in place in Clatskanie Portland and currently serves 25 users with super-fast internet connection at slash the price of ISP providers. One user from Clatskanie said she uses $20 ETH for a month’s internet usage. The latter is $80 less compared to her previous ISP subscription.

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