Alex Solomon From Microsoft Joins Enjin Blockchain Gaming Platform

Alex Solomon From Microsoft Joins Enjin Blockchain Gaming Platform

Enjin announced a new member among executives. The new member has been working for a long period for the tech giant Microsoft. Alex Solomon is the Microsoft veteran who joined Enjin to lead their efforts toward more enterprise adoption.

He has been working for the Redmond company in his whole career and claims that working for them has changed his thinking and problem solving a lot. After 20 years at Microsoft, he is now ready to lead a blockchain-based gaming platform.

Industry Leaders Coming to Blockchain Companies

Alex Solomon is not the first technology veteran joining blockchain companies. Many industry leaders have joined companies like Enjin in the past years following the industry’s remarkable progress.

They know a lot about the highs and lows of the technology world and can help innovative startups find solutions for challenges easier. Significant challenges like working with other companies and relations with competitors are examples that help from a technology veteran like Solomon can be vital in solving.


Moving from a big company like Microsoft to an innovative blockchain firm can be challenging for everyone. But Alex is very optimistic about the new position. He thinks leading the enterprise adoption in Enjin is a great experience. He talks about this new position in a blog post on Enjin:

“Leaving Microsoft was not an easy decision, but I felt that I had accomplished the things I set out to do and required the freedom to focus fully on the tokenization work I had started. The choice to join the Enjin team was a compelling one. 

I saw them as a young company committed to innovating and pioneering in this fast-moving space. They were dedicated, hungry, and agile—qualities that would be critical for success in this space.”

Alex Solomon has joined Enjin this month. As mentioned before, he and his team will focus on creating a full-service enterprise platform using blockchain technology. Enjin has always been focused on blockchain-based games, but the new platform is more about enterprises looking for blockchain solutions. Solomon Continues:

“Our goal will be to help organizations find new opportunities for marketing and community engagement, as well as improve customer retention and acquisition tactics. Our goal is to offer a full-service stack that enables businesses to create powerful token projects quickly through a template-driven experience.”

The new position can be a complete challenging journey for Solomon. But he can use his experience from Microsoft to lead the Enjin team toward the enterprise market.

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