Meet Akito Bank – an Innovative Japanese Crypto company (Possible Scam) 

Meet Akito Bank - an Innovative Japanese Crypto company 
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The last decade brought us the most significant financial innovation – the crypto industry. Satoshi Nakamoto revolutionized the monetary system by introducing blockchain technology – whose sole purpose is to provide people with financial and data security.

However, in the last 12 years, blockchain technology has evolved a lot.

At first, we could only use cryptocurrencies for manual trading, and we needed to keep an eye on any changes in the market – which was quite stressful.

Now, with DeFi as a blockchain partner, everything has become much more convenient. We can benefit from almost all traditional banks’ services without having to resort to centralized institutions.

And to bring the crypto potential even further, a new company that appeared from Japan came into the investment market :

Akito Bank, although it has been reported as a possible SCAM. We recommend that you take the following article for information purposes only and proceed at your own risk.

What is Akito Bank?

Akito Bank is a fully regulated international crypto bank in Japan that offers investment opportunities in wealth management.

This global system was launched in 2018. 

As we know, financial security means independence from certain local events. Akito bank allows you to achieve this type of financial independence thanks to passive income. It is this potential that Akitobank unlocks investors by managing their crypto assets.

At the moment, Akitobank offers two key services, which benefit companies, entrepreneurs, as well as investors:

Commercial Banking

The fact that Elon Musk has invested $1.5 billion in Bitcoin in the middle of a bull market is not so surprising, given that he is always on the lookout for innovation – and he has probably been eyeing the crypto industry for a long time.

However, not everyone is so comfortable with changing the way they conduct their financial activities. To be fair, the transition from a centralized economic system to one that offers total autonomy is quite sudden.

Given that sellers and institutions are increasingly accepting cryptocurrencies, it is a pity for some of business people not to join the system.

And that’s why the Akito team is here – to support people with great visions in bringing their ideas to reality in the crypto world.

Team members offer crypto banking consulting services for all business sizes: strategic advice, capital raising, and so many more.

Automated crypto trading

Exactly! We no longer need to track all the changes in the crypto market on our own. All we have to do is deposit a certain amount of cryptocurrencies and let the Akitobank platform do its job.

Working with four of the most influential cryptocurrencies, the earnings from the difference in value is always significant. We are talking about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, and USDT.

Crypto storage on Akito brings excellent benefits, especially to investors who receive additional assets for this activity.

Investing for at least three months to 12 months will bring you a bonus of  9 to 18% of the investment every month. Moreover, if you convince a friend to join, both of you will receive an instant 5% bonus for each deposit made by the partner, alongside an additional 0.3% daily.


Can the Akito Team be trusted?

Akitobank is backed up by a dedicated team with significant experience in both banking finances and blockchain development.

Kodzi Esimura leads the team alongside trustful partners like Bruno Becker, Bo Kimura, Noriyasu Nagai, and Senior Regional Representative Harold Carrier – who conducts regional speeches and provides answers to the most frequently asked questions of investors. 

Those names above should already say enough.

And if you are not convinced yet, then let’s look at the numbers: over 140 global markets, $26,000,000 of clients’ assets under management, 13,000 transactions daily, and over 25,000 total customers worldwide.

All of this acquired in just two years. 

We know what you think, “what if a bear market occurs?”. The answer highlights the team’s ingenuity. 

Their project was developed in such a way that it can preserve the same loan-to-value ratio.

That was possible thanks to their leveraged reduction process, which didn’t lose any of the investors’ money even when Bitcoin decreased by 86% in 2018. 

What else they want to achieve?

Akito Bank is in an active phase of development and expands its boundaries every day.

The team is willing to expand the crypto usability by convincing as many people as possible to join the crypto hype and therefore make their lifestyle easier. 

Since most of them back down because they feel too scared of technology or too overwhelmed by the amount of various information, the team took action.

Akito Bank and its regional representatives actively conduct video conferences, ready to answer any question regarding the investors’ concerns. 

And that’s not all. The company plans to open representative offices worldwide, including in European regions like Spain or France and Latin American countries.

Where can I find more?

If you want to keep up with their innovation, follow them on social media and feel free to contact them anytime you need help. 

Telegram: @akitobankjp @akitobank

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