AI Predicts 140% Surge for DADDY Token as Andrew Tate Calls Crypto Culture ‘Infantile and Asinine

AI Predicts 140% Surge for DADDY Token as Andrew Tate Calls Crypto Culture 'Infantile and Asinine
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  • Andrew Tate criticizes crypto culture, calling it “childish” and “stupid.”
  • AI prediction suggests DADDY token will increase in value by 140% by July 31st.
  • Despite market volatility, DADDY has shown positive recent performance.

In a recent interview with crypto influencer Michael Jerome on July 8, Andrew Tate, a former kickboxer and social media personality, expressed his dissatisfaction with crypto culture, describing it as “childish” and “stupid.”

According to Andrew Tate, the sector was in disarray before his entry, and he criticized the crypto community for focusing solely on making quick profits instead of valuing the lessons learned along the way.

Tate argued that although crypto culture relies heavily on early entry, which could be considered a skill or just luck, it is essential to learn along the way to achieve lasting success.

“I didn’t like the crypto culture as a whole because it was based on getting in early, which could be considered a skill, but to some extent it’s luck. <…> The whole culture was childish and stupid; all of this aggravated me. <…> It’s almost impossible to get rich without learning lessons along the way,” Tate commented.

Currently, Andrew Tate is one of the famous influencers with his own crypto tokens.

His cryptocurrency, Daddy Tate (DADDY), has generated a lot of interest in recent months.

Despite his criticism of the crypto space, Tate is a beneficiary of the industry, raising questions about how his statements will affect the performance of the DADDY token in the coming weeks.

AI Predicts 140% Surge for DADDY Token as Andrew Tate Calls Crypto Culture 'Childish and Stupid'

Andrew Tate’s DADDY Crypto Price Prediction

To assess DADDY’s anticipated price at the end of the month, Finbold consulted CoinCodex, which uses AI-powered machine learning algorithms.

According to data obtained on July 10, the platform indicated bullish sentiment for the token in the coming weeks.

DADDY is projected to trade at $0.4011 on July 31, representing a 140% increase from its current valuation.

Despite continued market volatility, the token has shown positive performance, with market cap aiming to surpass $100 million.

At the time of writing, DADDY is trading at $0.152, representing weekly gains of over 1.8%, according to data from CoinMarketCap.

In the last 24 hours, the token has fallen by more than 2.7%.

On a weekly basis, DADDY has shown notable fluctuations.

The price level around $0.1556 has acted as a strong support zone, where the price has repeatedly found a base before moving higher.

Resistance lies at $0.167, a level tested but not surpassed during the week.

If the price drops below $0.1556, the next support level is around $0.140.

The combination of Andrew Tate’s criticism and optimistic projections for the token price creates an intriguing situation for investors and market observers.

As Tate continues to benefit from the DADDY token boom, his statements may influence public perception and, therefore, the token’s performance.

With AI predictions indicating a significant increase in DADDY’s price, the next few days will be crucial in determining whether the token can live up to expectations and maintain its upward trajectory in a notoriously volatile market.


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