After Airdrop Scandal LayerZero Launches Eligibility Checker for EVM and Aptos

After Airdrop Scandal LayerZero Launches Eligibility Checker for EVM and Aptos
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  • LayerZero Foundation launches airdrop eligibility website for ZRO token distribution, supporting EVM and Aptos addresses, with 10 million tokens to be distributed among 1.28 million addresses starting June 20th.
  • To combat Sybil attacks and ensure fairness, LayerZero implements strict measures, retrieving 10 million tokens for distribution to genuine participants, with an easy-to-use Eligibility Check Website.
  • Bryan Pellegrino, co-founder of LayerZero, emphasizes transparency and fairness in token distribution, with 23.8% of ZRO supply reserved for the community and builders, and a long-term plan spreading allocations over 36 months to encourage ongoing innovation.

The LayerZero Foundation has unveiled a new airdrop eligibility website, marking a significant step forward in its community engagement efforts. This platform is designed to verify eligibility for the upcoming ZRO token airdrops, supporting both EVM and Aptos addresses.

From June 20th onwards, the foundation plans to distribute close to 10 million ZRO tokens among more than 1.28 million addresses. This exciting airdrop is a way for LayerZero to show appreciation to its community and boost user engagement.

LayerZero: Ensuring Fairness and Security

After Airdrop Scandal LayerZero Launches Eligibility Checker for EVM and Aptos

LayerZero has taken decisive action to address the issue of Sybil attacks, where unscrupulous individuals created numerous fake identities to exploit airdrops. With their implementation of stringent measures, LayerZero is now safeguarding fairness and justice.

As a result, they have successfully retrieved approximately 10 million tokens, which will be rightfully distributed among the authentic participants. The Eligibility Check Website offers a user-friendly interface that provides instant verification results.

Users simply need to enter their EVM or Aptos address to confirm their participation readiness. LayerZero co-founder Bryan Pellegrino has emphasized the foundation’s dedication to transparency and fairness in the ZRO token distribution. He highlighted that 23.8% of the total ZRO supply is earmarked for community members and builders.

Initial Distribution and Long-Term Plan

When distribution begins, 8.5% of tokens will be released, with portions set aside for core contributors, RFPs, and the community pool. The rest of the tokens will be spread out over 36 months, with additional allocations every 12 months to promote continuous innovation and engagement.

Commitment to Fairness

Pellegrino has reassured the community that despite challenges in identifying early participants, fairness will prevail in the allocation process. A deweighting mechanism will reduce Sybil attackers’ allocations by 80%, ensuring genuine users receive their due share.

LayerZero’s strategic approach to token distribution underscores its commitment to fostering a robust and equitable ecosystem. As the crypto space buzzes with anticipation for June 20th, LayerZero stands out for its efforts in rewarding its community and paving the way for future growth.


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