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Aeternity Injects Fund into Satoshipay through Acquiring Stakes

Though created in 2014 SatoshiPay has gone into several partnerships to ensure it achieves its primary goal of providing its customers with a frictionless micropayment platform based on blockchain solution.

While carrying its most recent round of funding SatoshiPay was able to bring onboard Aeternity with the latter acquiring stakes in the former. Apart from Aeternity, other participants in SatoshiPay, last round of funding includes Meinhard Benn SatoshiPay CEO, CoinShares Daniel Masters, AERGO of South Korea and lastly Börsenmedien AG. Aeternity now joins two other blockchain based firms working with SatoshiPay. Through leveraging Aeternity features Decentralized, Consensus Mechanism and State Channels SatoshiPay will now provide customers with the fastest payment platform.

Customers to Enjoy Fast Throughput Transaction

Due to its vast customer base, SatoshiPay had to form partnerships to improve its transactions per second (TPS) to match with the demand coming from its users. SatoshiPay needs more than 2000 TPS to match demands from its vast customer base. Customers from Europe’s biggest digital content company Axel Springer SE will now enjoy a high TPS from SatoshiPay payment platform.

Axel Springer SE is a new partner of SatoshiPay and runs Upday, Diet Welt, Bild and Business Insider. Through the partnership, their customers can now pay for digital content from Axel Springer SE network via SatoshiPay digital wallet and enjoy the fastest processing speeds.

Europe's biggest digital content company Axel Springer

Other Benefits

Apart from enjoying the upgrading of its platform into a high TPS platform, integration of the two platforms will allow developers to integrate Aeternity nanopayment solutions. The latter will enable developers to build more applications based on smart contracts and blockchain technology.

Further on, through the integration of nanopayment solution, users will enjoy using nanopayment functionality. Similarly, in addition to the above, corporate clients have also been taken care of through Aeternity State Channels and private smart contracts. The latter feature will provide corporate clients with a decentralised and viable platform to store and protect intellectual property and digital content.

Furthermore, through features of Aeternity users will enjoy using the state channel free of charge after only footing the fees for opening and closing the state channel. Similarly, through Aeternity users will enjoy low costs when they are making transactions via SatoshiPay micropayment platform.

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