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A snippet of Guardian Circle Application Features and Discussion on Version3.0

In an interview with Colin Closser of NEO News Today, Chris Hayes and his co-founder Mark Jeffery divulged new information concerning their app Guardian Circle that gets neighbors, family and friend to be your guardians. Through the app, the latter get an alert notification of your emergency. The discussion revolved around the use of the application and its features.

First and foremost the platform is going to leverage blockchain technology to its advantage to make Guardian Circle more secure. For Guardian Circle application, blockchain has enabled them to create a cold locker room for storing all data. Data is encrypted and only released to the guardian listed by the user. Furthermore to ensure the information is secure, Guardian Circle app leverages blockchain private key features to ensure only guardians with keys can unlock the data and pass it along to first responders.

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As an app to gain access to the application, one must have access to their Android device. But for Guardian Circle, the integration of an API which makes it easy for other alert device manufactured to be added as alert generators. Through the API features, products like Amazon Alexa can be added as an alert generator by users enabling them to send an alert easily. The latter has already been added and it’s running smoothly. Alexa can help you send an alert to your guardian. Furthermore, a panic device competition was held in India and the results where amazing. The six-month contest showed many more devices such as watches, rings, heartbeat detectors among many more could be used as alert generators.

While Guardian Circle app is currently open for a small subscription fee, the founder’s primary goal is to make the platform free. Making it free will ensure everyone can help a neighbor or guardian without any difficulty. Moreover, with the introduction of the Guard token owing a stake for API access makes you an investor helping us build our platform.

As the releasing of the updated version nears, users will be glad to know they will have access to an in-house Guard wallet which will take care of their trading needs. Working with NEO has enabled us to avoid having to integrate a third party application for the wallet. Furthermore, version 3.0 comes with a tip screen which gives users the ability to tip guardians who come to their aid. Instead of having to track everyone, the tip screen emerges once an alert comes to an end, enabling you to specify who gets what amount of Guard. Besides that, Guard application V3.0 comes with more advantages than previous versions.

Although the addition of the above features is to make everything easy, the primary goal is to make the application get guardians to come to the aid of their friends. Furthermore providing critical information to medics or EMT helps save more lives.

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