5 Tips For Choosing The Best NFT Marketing Agency


Every business needs marketing to thrive. This is particularly true for those in the NFT industry. Short for non-fungible tokens, NFTs sell for millions of dollars and have piqued the interest of game players, investors, art collectors, and tech enthusiasts across the world. In fact, 2021 statistics revealed that almost $41 billion worth of crypto was spent on NFT marketplaces with the most valuable NFT was worth over $91.8 million. 

With NFT trading volume rising by 704% between the 2nd and 3rd quarters of 2021, you can only profit from this lucrative market if your NFT offerings hit the market. Otherwise, it’ll look like one of the thousands of NFTs minted in a day. 

To remain relevant in this highly competitive niche, your business will need to power up your NFT marketing. And to achieve this, you need to work with a trusted NFT marketing agency. But how do you choose the right partner?

  • Niche Experience

Every business is different – the same is true for every digital marketing agency. So, niche specialization is an important factor when looking for the best marketing partner for your NFT business. The niche aspect of the NFT industry makes it tight-knit, tricky, and difficult to market. 

So, the first step in choosing a digital marketing agency is to understand your business goals. You should identify your goals and what you want to achieve. 

It’s easier to list down deliverables, the goals, and the outcomes you want to obtain. By knowing your own goal, you can communicate what you want to get out of the project. 

When a marketing agency knows what you’re looking for, they’ll know whether they can really help you and create positive marketing results. Preferably, you also want a marketing agency that’s a part of your industry. 


  • Don’t Look At The Size

The days of judging agencies and companies on the number of experts or desks in the office are long gone. A bigger team does not automatically guarantee that work will be done to a higher quality or faster. 

Instead of looking at the size of the marketing agency, you need to check their expertise, culture, and caliber. Do they have good communication that allows individual experts to work in tandem and seamlessly together? Do they demonstrate dedication and understanding of your goals? 

Sometimes, the people you’re talking to won’t be the ones doing the work. Thus, you want to check who you will be working with. Also, in large marketing agencies, your projects may be handed down to junior or less experienced employees. Would you want that?

  • Strong Social Proof And Industry Reputation

Social proof such as previous client reviews and testimonials can provide you with good insight into what partnering with the NFT marketing agency is like. 

And don’t just check reviews from an agency’s website, filled with make-them-look-good testimonials. Look for reviews from third-party sites like Google or even LinkedIn. 

Beyond positive reviews, neutral or even negative reviews can help you determine where they struggle and provide a better understanding of the NFT marketing agency and its work. 

  • Compliance

The NFT industry has strict compliance requirements and regulations. Your business and all its activities, including marketing, need to stay in compliance with these standards to ensure the longevity of your NFT business. 

That said, you want to find the right NFT marketing agency that has extensive knowledge of the changing NFT landscape and keeps up with compliance requirements and regulations.

Specialized NFT marketers should know the procedure to follow as well as the dos and don’ts of marketing NFT services and products. This ensures that all your advertising strategies and campaigns are compliant and avoid legal issues that could delay your business operations.  

  • Look At Their Own Marketing Efforts

“Practice what you preach.”

As a marketing agency, you want to take a look at how they actually market themselves. Look at their content whether it’s educational or engaging. Does their social media voice their brand clearly? How effective and engaging are their ads? Is their website responsive and loads quickly?

How marketing agencies promote their services will differ on how they market yours. However, when choosing an NFT marketing agency, you want evidence that they can do for themselves what they’ve promised to do for your business. 

Take Away

Nowadays, everyone wants to own an NFT. Like any other business, marketing can help in promoting your NFT products or services to gain potential customers and thrive in this competitive world. And by partnering with the right NFT marketing agency, you can get the word out about your offerings in the most practical and efficient way, ensuring that your NFT business finds the right clients at the right time.

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