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11th day of Tron’s TRC20-based USDT 30M incentive plan: 1658 accounts rewarded with  $34,748

Tron network launched a TRC20-based USDT 30M INCENTIVE PLAN to reward early holders of TRC20 UDST. Now the eleventh day of this campaign is completed and early holders are receiving rewards from this Tron’s campaign.

The third phase is going on in which users are receiving rewards with 15% APR. All the users registered with Tron MainNet are eligible to receive proportional rewards, no additional procedures are required.

This incentive plan is a collaboration of Tron foundation and its China’s partner Raybo Technologies. This giveaway started on July 15 and will continue for 31 days until August 15. Cryptocurrency exchanges like KuCoin, OKEx, Poloniex and some other exchanges are supporting Raybo technology in this giveaway. The total value for this incentive plan was expected to exceed $30 million USD.

The snapshot for the eleventh day is taken at 9:00 am and users were rewarded with 15% APR of the amount of token held by users. The total amount of TRC20-based USDT was 99,902,000.106277. A total of 1658 accounts received rewards and the total amount of reward was 34,748.066729 USD.

In the first eleven days, the total amount of reward is 596,090.583241 American dollars and the total number of rewarded account is 17524.

The snapshot for 12th day of this TRC20-based USDT giveaway will take place today and amount to be rewarded will be sent within the next 24 hours. This third phase has APR of 15% and will continue until the 27th of July. Then the fourth phase will start from 28th of July and will continue for the next 19 days until the 15th of August and the APR percentage for this phase will 3.00%.

The Tron’s partner for this giveaway, Raybo Technology is a big contributor to the blockchain community. Inspired by Justin Sun, Raybo technology started this giveaway to show the advantages of TRC20 based USDT to the blockchain community.

Omni based USDT is issued by Tether and are called ERC20 based USDT. The user can swipe this ERC20 based USDT with TRC20 based USDT on all supporting exchanges.

Tron is adding both centralized and decentralized exchanges to its network to make trade easy for its users. Since its launch, the Tron network is trying hard to provide a smart and efficient ecosystem for blockchain developers.

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