zkSync and Alchemy Forge Partnership to Expand Ethereum’s zkRollup Ecosystem

zkSync and Alchemy Forge Partnership to Expand Ethereum's zkRollup Ecosystem
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  • Partnership Formed: zkSync and Alchemy have partnered to expand Ethereum’s layer-2 ecosystem, introducing features to connect zkrollups with the web3 domain.
  • Developer Empowerment: The collaboration brings Alchemy’s developer tools to zkSync, offering advanced APIs, custom RPCs, and more for efficient blockchain application development.
  • Ecosystem Growth: This partnership is set to enhance the zkRollup ecosystem, coinciding with the launch of Sophone, a hyperchain for the entertainment industry, and the anticipated ZKS cryptocurrency.

zkSync, a leading developer of zkrollups on the Ethereum blockchain, has joined forces with Alchemy, the renowned crypto developer platform. This partnership heralds a new chapter in the expansion of Ethereum’s layer-2 ecosystem, introducing innovative features that promise to strengthen the ties between zkrollups and the broader web3 domain. 

The announcement was made yesterday by Matter Labs, the creative force behind Ethereum’s zkSync layer-2 solutions. The integration with Alchemy is set to enhance the high-throughput second-layer blockchain, which is notably the first EVM-compatible rollup secured by zero-knowledge proofs. 

Developers can now harness this advanced technology with greater ease, thanks to Alchemy’s robust and user-friendly tools. Alchemy’s platform offers developers access to a comprehensive suite of features, including advanced APIs, custom RPCs, Supernode capabilities, and the Alchemy Signer for embedded accounts. 

All these tools are conveniently located within a single, streamlined dashboard, empowering industry professionals to develop and scale new blockchain applications with unprecedented efficiency

A particularly exciting development for both developers and end-users is the introduction of custom RPCs. This feature enables interaction with the zkSync zkrollups through an alternative endpoint to the commonly congested MetaMask. 

Empowering Developers: Alchemy’s Contribution to zkSync’s Growth

zkSync and Alchemy Forge Partnership to Expand Ethereum's zkRollup Ecosystem

Users can create a private API key and utilize Ethereum’s scalable secondary network for transactions via a less crowded channel, or employ Chainlist for the same purpose.

Alchemy is poised to unlock even more features for zkSync users, such as the Sepolia Faucet and a developer education program. Additionally, a “collab merch” initiative is in the works, aimed at supporting chain operators.

As the crypto community eagerly anticipates the launch of the ZKS cryptocurrency and the potential airdrop for chain users, zkSync is opening the gateway to a revolutionary era of ecosystem development. With the synergistic power of zkSync and Alchemy, developers are assured of a dependable, scalable, and precise web3 infrastructure, facilitating a frictionless development journey.

This partnership also coincides with the launch of Sophone, a hyperchain dedicated to the entertainment sector, founded by a former zkSync engineer. Sophone marks its debut with the sale of validator nodes, signaling a vibrant future for blockchain innovation in entertainment.

As zkSync and Alchemy forge ahead, the Ethereum zkRollup ecosystem stands on the brink of transformative growth, promising to redefine the landscape of decentralized applications and services.


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