Ziglu Bank Launched P2P Payment For Fiat and Cryptocurrency

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The UK based Ziglu bank announced a new service that will surely attract many customers to the cryptocurrency world. The leading blockchain bank now provides P2P payment in its application. Users can benefit from unique features that make it possible to pay directly to others using crypto or fiat currencies.

Regulated Crypto and Fiat P2P Payment for UK Customers

Ziglu is a fully FCA authorized bank providing financial services in the UK. Its application is one of the most popular ones for users interested in innovative financial services. They now offer P2P payment for customers that can lead to more user attraction.

The new P2P payment service in Ziglu app supports both crypto and fiat currencies. This form of payment surely helps regular users manage their micro-transactions and ease their minds when transferring money.

“Peer-to-peer (P2P) payments are transactions that can be used for anything from splitting a dinner bill between friends to paying rent,” describes Ziglu.


P2P payment removes the need for intermediaries or cash transfers. Pandemic has caused many mainstream users to look for alternatives like cryptocurrencies and payment apps. The new service makes it even easier by supporting both traditional and modern payment methods.

“Now, Ziglu customers can instantly send or receive any currency from any contact within the Ziglu community.”

Ziglu, launched in July 2020, focuses on financial services for end-users. It plans to offer more specific services for them to make their payment tasks easier. Ziglu provides security measures for users to keep their digital and fiat assets safe. They can store digital assets with a value of up to $50,000 in their Ziglu app account. Fiat currencies will be held in a separate account. Ziglu claims to offer the most secure system to store personal and financial information of users.

Ziglu’s new services focus on the easiness of payment. Mark Hipperson, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Ziglu, said:

“Paying people should be instant, free and easy regardless of their location or the currency, whether that is splitting the cost of your Airbnb or sending a Bitcoin birthday present.”

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