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Yours.org adopts Litecoin

The site Yours.org, a project that makes the content creation market accessible, has announced the decision to adopt Litecoin as their main currency, a digital currency whose value is on the rise. Currently they are migrating from bitcoin infrastructure to litecoin.

The people of Yours.org explains the choice of litecoin as their main currency, among other reasons, because Litecoin has a great economy adapts very well to the platform. Litecoin has the best combination of economic size and technical similarity to bitcoin. At Litecoin, transaction fees are only a few cents. This means that users can comfortably charge only $ 1 on their network while they continue to pay insignificant fees. This is a radically lower barrier to entry compared to $ 100 for bitcoin. This makes Litecoin more bearable for Yours.org

At the moment a platform test is being carried out with a select group of users, and the full launch is planned for May 30. For now, and presumably until the launch of the complete platform, the site invites curiosity and at the same time appeals to the whole Cold personality type. By reaching the current site on Yours.org, new users will find themselves in a modern and simple way that leads the user through a sequence of fascinating multiple-choice questions. It seems to survey users for their ambitions and creative goals. Continue the difficult game courteously until you finish the sequence with a promise to contact by email, when Yours.org is ready.


Yours.org is one of the only means of micropayment that seems to value the creators of the content that is being made available in the world, instead of the most common concern of the content industry for the high profits.

Litecoin has seen an increase in the interest of several participants in the digital coin ecosystem after activating SegWit, a solution to increase the transactional capacity of a network block chain. Along with theirs, other companies may look at adopting Litecoin after releasing an updated roadmap for this year.

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