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YINC: Where you are in control


The tokenized initiatives that add value to the consumer experience have not been long in coming. This time we will talk about a platform that precisely seeks to make customers take control of their experience: YINC.

YINC aims to revolutionize the market and the way in which consumers acquire goods and services, making use of blockchain. YINC (which means “you are in control” for its acronym) is developing a solution that will connect customers with suppliers directly and without intermediaries, so the process will be easier, faster, safer and more cheap than ever.

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The mission of YINC is to provide clients with the best options, which are they who choose and pay directly to contractors, as there are no distributors or intermediaries, the transaction is less expensive and allows those interested to save good money.

YINC believes faithfully in consumer satisfaction in digital platforms, for that reason it gives them the option to qualify providers in multiple topics, this will generate more confidence in customers, while organizations or companies operating in the platform will seek the development of new centralized solutions that contribute to aspects such as integrity and discovery capacity, all in order to meet consumer satisfaction.

YINC Technology at the service of consumers

YINC developed a methodology that will create competitiveness among suppliers when they offer something, once they make the publications, consumers will receive more timely responses, honest comments and competitive estimates, which translates into savings of money through competitive prices.

In turn, YINC is building a service platform powered by blockchain using the Ethereum block chain and will use the YINC utility token to track transactions, interactions and revisions, this would allow the consumer to make the payment of the services at the time they would receive other incentives for participation in the review while developing a thriving and self-sustaining ecosystem between suppliers and consumers.

It is worth mentioning that the innovative platform of YINC, in addition to solving the setbacks faced by consumers when hiring online suppliers, also solves the main problems that commercial real estate managers have.

The real estate sector also has specific needs when it comes to buying and selling, the owners or managers of real estate require specialized services in the field of construction and maintenance, however, many end up hiring the same providers as always, which demand high amounts of money, for not trusting an online review system that offers the best solutions at the best prices.

Thinking about this, YINC designed a special system together with other partners that own or manage real estate portfolios in several countries of the world, in order to work together and migrate to new platforms that will facilitate the life of the owners of the portfolios and take care of the pocket of the tenants.

With the ICO model of YINC, the incentives of all are aligned, because the value of the token increases as it is used, and both consumers, investors and companies are encouraged to use this tool that will bring greater benefits for all.

To know more details about this interesting platform we suggest to review its technical sheet, as well as to join its Telegram channel.