XTribe and its Geomarketplace

XTribe y su Geomarketplace
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Electronic commerce is one of the pillars of the world economy today, and denying that would be foolish. The blockchain technology is being taken into account to improve the business models and existing e-commerce services, and innovations are the order of the day. This is the case of XTribe and its Geomarketplace concept.

If we talk about exhibiting services we will quickly refer to Xtribe, an easy and reliable platform where you can access millions of customers with great potential. With Geomarketplace, which is a tool that changed the concept of electronic commerce, XTribe aspires to position itself as a global reference platform.

The XTribe team has created the completely free application, with which users can change, sell, rent, exchange products and services of wide range without having to acquire them in another country, but in their own locality.

Selling online will become very easy thanks to the Xtribe application available for Apple and iOS, where the user only takes a picture of the product and shares it with other Xtriber.

This application has its own cryptocurrency, the XRBT, with which it will operate in its ecosystem. The idea is that buyers and sellers specify their own businesses without the interference of third parties and through their own digital currency, ensuring that each transaction between users is easy and transparent.

They will no longer have the need to make cash payments, they will only need a mobile device for a successful secure and guaranteed purchase.

The services that users can get within the Xtribe application are among others, photography, animals, painting, installation of windows, domestic services and many more. Among the most sold items are: toys, electronics, mobile phones, jewelry, technological devices, computers, furniture, baby items, appliances, furniture, bicycles, cars to mention just part.

The list of announcements is ordered by distance, that is, the one that most closely approximates the user’s location and if select in order of dates, it will see the recent announcements and the distance that the user wants.

The user no longer has to waste time searching and comparing, and less entering banks and wearing themselves in infamous processes, here the sales are in real time and immediate thanks to the chat of the application; just make offers, and share different ads in social profiles without paying fees.

To use this application you only need to download and install it for free on the Apple or Android device, register with your name, create a striking image of the product or service you want to offer with its title and description, and set the price.

They can use the chat to find information about the products and advertisements of interest, chat with other users and establish businesses, within the locality with the ease that this means. That is the advantage of the geomarketplace.

This application is very promising, and undoubtedly with the support of the geomarketplace and its own cryptography XTribe has taken a bold step facilitating the process of selling and buying products and services.

The initial coins offering from the XRBT token will begin on October 1st , and to obtain more details of both the platform and the ICO we recommend visiting its website and joining its Telegram channel.


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