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XMRWallet has been completely updated to Vo.13.0.4 Beryllium Bullet from Monero

The XMRWallet.com has fully upgraded to Vo.13.0.4 Beryllium Bullet- the just recent Hard Fork for Monero, which incorporates an upgrade of the network’s protocol through the presentation of the Bulletproof. Users need to update their software in order to use the new v0.13.0.4 version of the XMRWallet.

What is XMRWallet?

XMRWallet is an open source Monero wallet that allows users to send or receive money instantly on the Monero blockchain. XMRWallet can be used as an alternative to MyMonero wallet in case the wallet fails to load.

This new upgrade aims to implement even better performance, privacy, security, scalability and more decentralization. The Beryllium Bullet protocol ensures less storage space for transactions and is relatively cheaper than before.

One of the new features that come with this upgrade is the Multisig Wallet that supports improvements on performance as well as a larger ring size. The bulletproof feature is used in Monero for Ring Confidential Transactions [RingCT]. RingCT was created to make sure that the transactional anonymity of users is improved. RingCT’s are used to hide the user’s actual transaction amount.

The upgrade will not allow users with special transactions to create new coins. By this the Monero community intends to prevent uncontrolled inflation. To add to Bulletproof’s advantages, is its ability to reduce the transactions storage space by 80%.

The Monero Hardfork

The Monero Hardfork

The Beryllium Bullet changes its Proof of Work mechanism, sending a clear message to ASIC manufactures that their development for Monero is not an economic pursuit. Another important thing about this upgrade is its change to a static ring size. This ring size is a feature that indicates the number of transmitters used per transaction.

Before, the minimum size has been put at seven, whilst the Beryllium Bullet has put the ring size to eleven. Thus making sure that the ring signature participants no longer differentiate between transactions, and therefore resulting to an increase in the anonymity level of Monero [XMR].

This is a huge step for the Monero community. The great news has been well received by Monero fanatics. Users commended the speed of this new upgrade as well as the substantially lower fees.

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