Wharton University Launches Metaverse Education Program

Wharton University Launches Metaverse Education Program
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As part of its executive education program, Wharton has launched a new online certificate program entitled “Business in the Metaverse Economy.” This program will be the first of its kind to be launched at a business school in the Ivy League.

A six-week certificate program at Wharton’s School of Business, developed in collaboration with Prysm Group, a leading economic consulting firm specializing in emerging technologies, was designed for business and technology professionals interested in gaining a better understanding of the associated technologies, the economic and technological philosophies that will drive its development, and how individuals and organizations will gain value through the metaverse in the coming years.

What are the Opportunities?

Aside from participating in immersion activities, participants of this program will also have the opportunity to experience firsthand the use of metaverse technology for an interactive learning experience. By introducing this course, Wharton Business School becomes the first Ivy League business school to offer a course on metaverse technology, making it the first Ivy League business school to do so.

According to a survey conducted by McKinsey & Company, executives are concerned about uncertain returns, lack of the ability to design a suitable business model for integrating the metaverse into a company’s operations, and a lack of managerial capability to implement such a strategy into their business as their top three concerns about integrating the metaverse into the organization.

This program has been developed as a response to such challenges, and Wharton Executive Education has put together these frameworks in order to provide business leaders with the resources they need to develop models and strategies that will allow them to capture the trillions of dollars of value that will arise from this emerging market.

There are six case studies in the industry as well as more than fifty lecture videos that provide students with an opportunity to align theory with practice as well as to acquire the tools necessary for them to engage deeply with the emerging technologies that are empowering the metaverse in the context of business.

This program highlights six case studies in the industry as well as more than 50 lecture videos from six Wharton faculty and a dozen industry leaders.

Business in the Metaverse Economy takes a deep look at challenges that business leaders have faced and focuses on how they have overcome them to ensure their customers engage safely and appropriately with the digital world.

Through case studies spanning a wide range of topics, including how large, legacy companies can take advantage of metaverse technologies in both B2C and B2B settings to what tactics companies can use to determine how their customers engage with the digital worlds safely and appropriately, Wharton’s program takes a deep look at challenges that business leaders have.


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