Web3 Wallet BitKeep Surpasses 10M Users; Ranks Number 1 in “Top DeFi Apps”

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BitKeep, a leading Web3 multi-chain wallet, has witnessed a spectacular growth in the recent few months surpassing a stagerring 10 million users as of April, 2023. This comes shortly after a $30 million investment last week from cryptocurrency derivatives exchange, Bitget.

BitKeep Experiences Tremendous Growth

According to the official blogpost, BitKeep revealed the company added more than 560,000 new user accounts in March alone, in the wake of numerous successful campaigns between several prominent blockchains, including Arbitrum and Sui.

The decentralized wallet stated that its Arbitrum campaign saw the successful launch of ARBK, the official Arbitrum token issued by BitKeep, which registered a total of 708,800 on-chain transactions and was airdropped to more than 100,000 active users who participated in campaign-related tasks and activities.

ARBK could be exchanged by participants of the campaign for Arbitrum’s native token, ARB, during the campaign period. It ranked first on Arbitrum’s ecosystem popularity chart with 150,000 token-holding addresses, while its interaction volume reached 330,000. In addition, BitKeep claimed that BitKeep NFT Market topped the charts by trading volume on BNB Chain while also leading with respect to the number of active wallets on Polygon.

Bitkeep Rebrands as Bitget Wallet

The wallet provider also reported a whopping $28,000 in daily transaction volume on Arbitrum. In the meantime, BitKeep is also ramping up its Web3 efforts by working on features related to “Web3 DID (decentralized identity)” and is also in the process of supporting the “ZK-Rollup ecosystem”. Moreover, in March, the platform introduced new cross-chain support for Optimism and Conflux eSpace, as well as DEX aggregation support from Swappi, Camelot, and WOO Network.

Recently, as per data from DappRadar, BitKeep wallet hit the number one position in the top decentralized finance (DeFi) apps in the last 30 Days along with an increase of its Unique Active Wallets (UAW) increased by over 436%. On account of the recent success, Bitget invested $30 million into BitKeep and has planned to rebrand the BitKeep Wallet as Bitget Wallet. However, BitKeep noted it will continue to function as an independent entity both operationally and structurally. BitKeep added,

“We will continue to function as an independent entity both operationally and structurally and will focus on building up our ecosystem as well as independent tokenomics while protecting the rights and interests of existing BitKeepers and BKB holders during the transition process of this strategic repositioning.”


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