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Waves launches Waves Incubator to support dApps developers

Waves Labs is launching Waves Incubator, a strategic long-term initiative designed to support the development of Waves-based solutions. The Incubator will take the Waves Grants program, launched earlier this year, to a new level – providing financial, technical and marketing support to developers, with a special focus on dApps built in the RIDE language.

The initiative’s ultimate goal is to go beyond the technical side of blockchain solutions and help turn them into profitable and self-sustaining businesses, promoting the use of Waves technologies in the real world. Just like Waves Grants, Waves Incubator is open to developer teams and individual developers alike, and funding could be provided on a long-term basis, covering either various stages of the same project, or several projects from the same developer. Intellectual rights to solutions developed with support from Waves Incubator will belong to the developers.

Projects selected to take part in Waves Incubator will be entitled to:

  • Up to 100,000 WAVES per project in non-dilutive funding
  • Tech support provided directly by the Waves team
  • Help in spreading the word about the project inside and outside the community

Businesses and developers can apply for support under the Waves Incubator initiative using this form. Dates of application are not limited. Waves Incubator accepts applications filled in English from anywhere in the world.

Waves Grants was launched in January, 2019, with the goal of supporting talented developers and promising startups building the decentralised technologies that are expected to form the backbone of Web 3.0.

In just over three months of operation of the grant program, 50,000 WAVES have been provided as grants to developers.

Comments Vitaliy Tsigulev, Head of Business Development at Waves Labs.

Seeing engagement on the part of the developer community and a growing number of promising teams, we decided it is time to scale up, turning the grant program into an incubator for the most promising and innovative projects developed using RIDE for dApps.

While Waves Labs still welcomes projects in various fields, the incubator’s main focus will be on decentralised applications, since this is one of the most promising use cases for the blockchain technology. In March, Waves released RIDE for dApps, a version of the RIDE programming language specifically designed for developing decentralised applications.

Since the release of the RIDE for dApps update on testnet, we’ve seen significant interest in the language from developers. A large number of complex smart contracts have been written, and developers have been sharing their solutions. Moreover, we have been witnessing overall growth in the dApps segment, with the arrival of numerous scalable solutions that could form the basis of mass adoption

Says Sasha Ivanov, Founder and CEO of Waves.

We’d like to encourage developers to continue working in that direction and we believe that the incubator model offering comprehensive support as opposed to just funding, will serve that goal in the best possible way.

About Waves

Waves (https://wavesplatform.com) is one of the world’s leading blockchain companies and a Web 3.0 pioneer. Founded in 2016, Waves is dedicated to building a blockchain ecosystem that allows users to address a wide range of real-world problems. The Waves team is developing tools to facilitate the decentralised technology layer that will become the backbone of Web 3.0 – our future digital landscape.

Waves provides everything required to support the backend of Web 3.0 services, as well as offering an intuitive, clean UX for end users, including IDE, code plugins, nodes, an oracle manager, APIs (DEX, Data Services, Node, Auth, Payment, Waves Keeper), libraries and explorers (testnet, mainnet, PyWaves). Waves additionally offers RIDE: a convenient, purpose-designed programming language for creating smart contracts and dApps on the Waves blockchain.

In April 2017, Waves successfully launched its DEX (decentralised exchange), a fast and safe tool for trading the most popular cryptocurrencies. In December 2017, the Waves-NG protocol was activated, enabling unprecedented throughput while reducing transaction confirmation times to just seconds. The RIDE for dApps programming language update was released for testnet in March 2019.

About Waves Labs

Waves Labs (https://waveslabs.com/) is an initiative for supporting talented developers and promising startups focused on building the decentralised technologies that will form the backbone to Web 3.0. Our mission is to accelerate the mainstream adoption of blockchain and build out the Waves ecosystem.

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