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VPN, Cryptocurrency, and Bitcoin Payments

Cryptocurrency and bitcoins particularly are one of the hottest topics in 2018. Buying and trending Bitcoins is quite a disputable question, it has fans and haters, as well as pros and cons, like any other trendy thing in the world. But our today’s topic is not actually about a Bitcoin. What we want to pay attention to is how to protect online money and stay secure while paying with cryptocurrency. The fact that a Bitcoin is not physical money doesn’t make it less vulnerable against those who would like to get it. Keeping your money safe in the network is not easy at all.

If you’re already in the crypto field, or just looking into investing in Bitcoins, you just have to be aware of Cryptocurrency for Beginners guide and the principles of keeping your money safe.

VPNs for Cryptocurrency

If you don’t want a cryptocurrency security to be a big issue for you, get a VPN. VPN encrypts and secures your personal data while you are on the Internet. This means that other people who might want to get your information, can’t do this because of a VPN. A virtual private network doesn’t allow them to see your real IP address and your current location. It creates an invisible tunnel around your traffic, making a shield for it. Firstly, you connect to a VPN server, and only then to the Internet.

It serves for:

  • Protecting personal and private data, including your online wallet;
  • Keeping your passwords, Google searches, and business emails out from other people’s eyes;
  • Browsing anonymously.

Keeping the bulk of the currencies online requires an extra level of protection. And the choice here is huge. There are hundreds of VPN services to choose from. Some of them are better, some of them are worse, and some of them are the best ones. Check Bestvpnrating.com to see the list of top services on the market. Everything depends on what you’re looking for and what kind of requirements you have for a VPN.

If talking about cryptocurrency specifically, we would recommend paying attention to paid VPNs only, as they are better not only on the performance level (they don’t slow the Internet connection down that much), but they are also better on the security level. Usually, free VPNs keep logs and passwords and have a lower number of servers to choose from. When dealing with cryptocurrencies you want to be sure that all the money you store in the online wallet is 100% protected. So, it is better to choose a service that costs money, but provides a higher level of protection, than that one which goes for free, but has a lower level of protection.

More expensive versions of a VPN usually have a few extra features. So, you buy a whole pack of features instead of getting data security only. When choosing a VPN for cryptocurrency, pay attention to what it is said in the description. Manufacturers always mention what the product is best for – cryptocurrency, Netflix streaming, file sharing, etc.

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