Voiceverse Origins Releases World’s First Collection of Voice NFTs and Sells Out in Less Than 10 Minutes

Voiceverse Origins Releases World's First Collection of Voice NFTs and Sells Out in Less Than 10 Minutes
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NFT universe is expanding at an exponential rate and new projects are making multi-million dollar fortunes. Voiceverse Origins is the latest sensation in the NFT market that went out of stock in less than 10 minutes after its public release on OpenSea.

In an announcement on Tuesday, February 1, Voiceverse, the world’s first voice NFT platform behind the Voiceverse Origins collection, revealed that it launched the public sale of its collection of 8,888 voice NFTs on the world’s largest NFT marketplace OpenSea on January 29th.

These voice NFTs collections took the OpeaSea by storm as all 8,888 NFTs were sold out in less than 10 minutes of public sale. It was among the top 10 hot-selling NFT collections on OpenSea. The announcement reads:

“After a week of pre-sale, Voiceverse Origins sold out in 10 minutes and has been trending in all categories on OpenSea. It has also been consistently in the top 10 for sales volume (by count). Given its background in AI and speech synthesis, Voiceverse looks to shake up the industry and spark a trend towards 2nd gen NFTs.”

What is VoiceVerse Origins?

Voiverserse is the platform behind the world’s first voice NFT collection, Voiceverse Origins. It is powered by LOVO, its parent company based out of San Francisco and Seoul, with a strong track record in the AI Speech Synthesis space. The platform is backed by Kakao, a South Korean internet giant behind Klaytn blockchain, LG, and other early-stage investors from Silicon Valley.

Voiceverse describes itself as a voice metaverse, build around an initial drop of 8,888 first-of-its-kind voice-based non-fungible tokens (NFTs), called Origins, on the Ethereum blockchain. It is founded by three Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) who have added voice clips over BAYC NFTs and have created some original NFTs, loaded up with voice clips.

According to Voiceverse, “with Voice NFTs, people can now customize their Profile Picture (PFP) NFTs with a voice, adding another dimension of personalization and pseudonymity.” Owners can also use the voices in metaverse spaces, from games to video calls and on other socials. They can create an NFT with their voice and mix different voice NFTs “to breed a new voice NFT.”

NFT bubble is getting bigger and bigger and showing no signs of bursting. According to the data compiled by Nonfungible.com, NFT sales hit $90 million in the last 7 days and this number is strongly expected to grow as more and more projects and users are diving into this blockchain-enabled universe.


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