Victoria VR Prepares to Introduce the First Blockchain Metaverse in Apple’s Vision Pro

Victoria VR Revolutionizes the Metaverse with the First Crypto App for Apple's Vision Pro
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  • Apple Metaverse: Victoria VR leads with the first crypto metaverse app for Apple’s Vision Pro.
  • $VR and Participation: $VR Token on Ethereum, encourages participation and redistributes income to the community.
  • Bitget Boosts $VR: Listing on Bitget raises price by 60%, reaching $110 million in market value.

Victoria VR is about to mark a significant milestone in the world of virtual reality and cryptocurrency by introducing the first crypto-focused metaverse app for Apple’s ‘Vision Pro’ headset.

This revolutionary initiative positions Victoria VR as a pioneer in leveraging the capabilities of Vision Pro to deliver an immersive metaverse experience with ultra-realistic graphics and immersive gameplay.

The app, scheduled to launch in the second quarter of this year, seeks to highlight not only the advanced features of Vision Pro, but also the power of Web3 technology.

Despite growing interest in the metaverse, the launch of Vision Pro represents Apple’s first step into this exciting virtual reality ecosystem, directly competing with tech giants like Meta (formerly Facebook) and its “Meta Quest” device.

A key component of Victoria VR’s initiative is its native token, $VR, based on the Ethereum network according to the ERC-20 standard.

This token, in addition to being the backbone of the internal economy of the metaverse application, will also reward active users and those who participate as stakers.

Victoria VR Prepares to Introduce the First Blockchain Metaverse in Apple's Vision Pro

The company aims to encourage participation and community building, redistributing half of the revenue generated by sales of in-game assets to stakers and active users.

In a move towards inclusivity, Victoria VR proposes a “pay-to-speed” model instead of “pay-to-win”, allowing citizens to earn $VR simply by participating in the metaverse.

This aligns with the vision of making Victoria VR accessible to all

The recent news of the listing of the $VR token on the Bitget exchange platform has generated additional momentum for the cryptocurrency.

Users now have the opportunity to trade $VR on Bitget, potentially increasing the liquidity of the token and its visibility in the cryptocurrency market.

This exciting development is reflected in the impressive price rise of the $VR token, which has seen a 60% increase in the last 24 hours, reaching a market value of $110 million, according to data from CoinMarketCap.

Combining cutting-edge technology, an internal cryptocurrency-based economy, and an inclusive vision, Victoria VR is positioned as an innovative force in the emerging metaverse space, creating exciting opportunities for virtual reality and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.


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