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Every day more and more news related to Blockchain, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies are appearing around the world, which is why it is difficult, even for the major media, to cover such a large amount of information; just trying would involve a great economic effort and possibly a quality loss of in the offered articles.

Information is power and in the cryptocurrency sector a news article can change everything. Therefore both investors and industry enthusiasts need to be informed about the latest news and be one step ahead.

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Venture Canvas is a news aggregator that brings us the solution to this problem. This platform is responsible for analyzing, selecting and sharing the best news published in different media, both in Europe and the United States, that write about issues related to cryptocurrency, economy, startups, venture capital, etc. and thus offer its readers a selection of the best content available on the network.

Venture Canvas analyses both large media outlets, such as the New York Times, Inc., Entrepreneur or Wall Street Journal, as well as small websites, blogs or lesser-known newspapers in the sector, which makes its variety of news wide and varied.

In this news aggregator, you will be able to enjoy a selection of the best information shared in the network with a single click. You will also be able to subscribe to their newsletter, select the topics that you are interested in and choose if you want to receive an email notification with the latest news in topics such as Crypto Currency News, Financial News, Entrepreneurship News, etc.

Crypto-Economy is pleased to be among the media selected by Venture Canvas to share its content.

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