VeChain Partners With Grant Thornton to Offer Blockchain Services in More Industries

VeChain Partners With Grant Thornton to Offer Blockchain Services in More Industries
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VeChain tries to be the first-choice blockchain for enterprises. It focuses on the business use-cases of blockchain technology and partners with key players to extend the reach. Grant Thornton Cyprus is the latest partner of VeChain.

Grant Thornton it´s one of the leading professional services networks globally, consisting of multiple independent accounting and consulting companies. The new partnership is focused on offering the latest blockchain innovations of VeChain to new enterprise customers within Thornton’s network.

More Enterprise Customers Enjoying Blockchain Features

The new blockchain department in Grant Thornton – launched in 2018 – aims to offer more decentralized solutions to the company’s customers. VeChain’s partnership means the companies have access to each other’s expertise and customer base.

Implementing the latest blockchain technologies of VeChain in Grant Thornton’s system leads to better service for various customers. Companies active in industries like supply chain management, renewable energy, e-commerce, entertainment, health, and finance can benefit from new services.

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The recent partnership with Grant Thornton isn’t the first of its kind for VeChain. It has partnered with other companies like PwC and DNV GL to provide blockchain services for traditional enterprise customers. Sunny Lu, Co-Founder, and CEO at VeChain, says,

“The pandemic has been an imminent restructuring of the global economic order, which emphasizes the urgency of accelerating digitalization which enhances the need for digital solutions in the post-pandemic. We are dedicated to exploring more business scenarios with our partner Grant Thornton Blockchain Cyprus and are excited with what’s to come as a result of this partnership.”

VeChain ToolChain is the BaaS platform from VeChain that helps companies enter the blockchain world, more comfortable. Grant Thornton can offer this solution to its vast customer base and enable them in the new world.

Alexis Nicolaou, Grant Thornton Cyprus’s Director of Distributed Ledger Technology, says:

“As the coming of legislation governing Blockchain Technology in Cyprus is imminent, Grant Thornton Cyprus is investing in partnerships with leading businesses in the industry, being able to meet the needs of its client base and other local and foreign companies. The extensive range of applications that VeChain ToolChain™ offers will help us in meeting those needs in the most effective and efficient manner”.

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