Vatican Library Launches Web3 Initiative: Exclusive NFTs for Manuscript Supporters

Vatican Library Launches Web3 Initiative: Exclusive NFTs for Manuscript Supporters
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  • The Vatican Library’s Web3 initiative rewards Italian donors with exclusive NFTs for supporting manuscript collections, offering digital access to curated high-resolution images.
  • NTT Data partners with the Vatican to digitize its collection, enhancing global access through the Vatican Library Web3 Support Project using advanced digital tools.
  • The Vatican Library’s updated website from 2020 provides improved search features and access to a vast array of digitized historical treasures, including manuscripts and incunabula.

The Vatican Library is embracing the digital age with a unique Web3 initiative. This experimental project aims to reward financial and social media supporters with exclusive non-transferable NFTs (non-fungible tokens), marking a significant step in the Library’s adoption of cutting-edge technologies.

The initiative is currently limited to Italian donors, who can earn a “Silver NFT” by promoting the project on social media until July 16. This token provides access to a curated collection of high-resolution images from 15 manuscripts. Financial contributors receive a “Gold NFT,” unlocking 21 manuscripts’ images.

Using Web3 to Preserve Heritage

Vatican Library Launches Web3 Initiative: Exclusive NFTs for Manuscript Supporters

Father Mauro Mantovani, the prefect of the Vatican Apostolic Library, emphasizes the need for special attention and dedication to preserve and promote the Vatican’s heritage. The Library’s exploration of technology may soon include immersive XR experiences, allowing virtual visits.

The Vatican has embraced NFTs and Web3 technology to safeguard and archive its valuable treasures. In a recent development, NTT Data, a renowned tech services company based in Japan, revealed its partnership with the Vatican Library.

This partnership aims to digitize the Library’s vast collection, launching the Vatican Library Web3 Support Project. The project aims to safeguard these precious items and enhance their accessibility for people worldwide.

Global Standards for Easy Public Access

AMLAD, developed by NTT Data, employs metadata management, digital restoration, and 3D scanning to ensure accurate digital representations of cultural artifacts. It adheres to international library classifications and considers the Vatican Library’s specific rules.

The Vatican Library boasts a vast collection of more than 1.5 million printed books, approximately 180,000 manuscripts, and various historical treasures dating back to the 14th century. This project not only safeguards these valuable items but also ensures they are available to a worldwide audience through a unique approach.

In 2020, the Vatican introduced an updated website for its library, enhancing the user experience with advanced search capabilities and streamlined access to its digitized collections.

Visitors can now delve into detailed reproductions of manuscripts, and archival documents, as well as a variety of coins, medals, and incunabula – rare printed materials from pre-16th century Europe.


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