Uniswap Announced Sybil; a Governance Tool for Discovering Delegates

Uniswap added a new tool to the platform called Sybil. It’s a governance tool that works on discovering delegates. Sybil works by mapping addresses to digital identities to keep a list of delegates.

The main reason for developing Sybil is growing the user-base of Uniswap’s governance system. The team behind the DeFi platform hopes delegates verify their identities using Sybil.

A More Efficient Tool for Delegation

DeFi platforms brought with them a new modern way of governance. Their community-based system for governance prevents many common failures in traditional platforms. But it needs to improve and become more efficient continuously. The new tool from Uniswap is focused on the improvement process, which will result in more adoption. According to the announcement:

“We hope that Sybil can grow adoption of Uniswap’s governance system and encourage both existing and future Uniswap delegates to verify their identities, making it easier for delegators to discover and engage with their community representatives.”

Uniswap has developed Sybil to improve the ability to delegate votes. Governance token holders can now delegate their votes or stand as a delegate. It will enhance the engagement between community members.


The verification process for enabling Sybil has three easy steps that need a Twitter account. Uniswap says the users have to sign in to their Twitter account and connect to a Web3 wallet to use Sybil. The next step is signing a message that includes the Twitter handle. The signing process is done by using the private key. The final step wants users to Tweet the signed message from their Twitter account. Sybil does the next steps:

“In the background, Sybil verifies that the tweet content matches the signed message. Once a user has been verified, their Twitter handle is matched to their Ethereum address and will appear on the Sybil interface next to their associated vote count. Sybil users can proceed to review available delegates, as well as delegate or vote on governance proposals directly through the interface.”

According to the announcement, Sybil supports bot Uniswap and Compund’s delegate lists at launch. Uniswap says developers can use Sybil’s mapping tool to display public identities for any blockchain project.

Sybil is a cross-platform tool from Uniswap. It means users only have to go through the identification once per identity. As mentioned before, it currently works with Twitter, but the development team will integrate it to GitHub soon. There are many use-cases for Sybil beyond delegation. It can be used to map the addresses to social network account that is very useful in games and Ethereum-based messaging.

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