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Ultra: a complete ecosystem for the game distribution industry based on blockchain

The gaming platforms will always be an important reference in contemporary culture, and blockchain is serving very well in the creation of solutions that improve everything known so far in terms of game development and distribution, underpinning a tokenized economy that is here to stay, overcoming the barriers of monopolies and allowing more developers to reach the public. Platforms of distribution of new generation games are emerging, like Ultra.

Ultra is presented as a platform for the distribution of games based on blockchain and with its own tokenized economy, which offers new solutions for both developers and players, also seeking to break the monopoly of the game distribution market.

The incentive philosophy is one of Ultra’s strengths, with referral programs with percentages of up to 7% of all purchases of referrals on the platform as a commission, going through rewards programs, Ultra is very clear that establishing its economy Tokenized is a sure and successfull  thing.

Ultra wants to provide the best possible experience to its users, be they developers or players.


For developers, Ultra offers:

  • Access ToolBox to powerful promotional and marketing tools that include an innovative influencers program.
  • The Grow Your Community Game program of clubs, forums, newsletters, chat and other integrated tools.
  • The Build Better Games program that is based on the support of the community through financial incentives for beta tests, search for errors, comments and all kinds of interactions.
  • The Game Porting Made Easy Easily, which is a universal SDK that allows games to be ported from platforms such as Steam, Xbox and PlayStation to Ultra.

And the possibility of more sources of income, allowing you to earn money through advertising in games, indirect sales, trade in items and references, among other options.

For players Ultra offers:

  • Play within minutes of purchase using its progressive software download technology.
  • Earn Ultra tokens by participating in beta tests, viewing ads, among other activities.
  • Get exclusive games on the platform.
  • Resale of games.
  • Secondary market of games.
  • Program of referrals of three levels.

The platform, as a tokenized economy that is has its native utility token, the UTA token. All purchases on the platform such as games and virtual items operate through intelligent contracts that require UTA Tokens. All Ultra features, such as loyalty programs, beta tests, bug reports, digital product trading, ads, etc, work exclusively with UTA tokens.

The dynamics of a complete ecosystem like Ultra guarantees a great activity of the UTA token, which can also be sold through the platform, and which is also possible to sell it in external markets, in which it can be traded and exchanged. By owning tokens in Ultra’s wallet, users can download games and get updates of them when they become available.

There are many more details that we recommend to know about this platform, so we suggest you visit their website, as well as check its White Paper and also join at their Telegram channel.

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