Uber Health Partners with Ethereum Based Startup Solve.Care to Transport Patients to Hospitals

Uber Health Partners with Ethereum Based Startup Solve.Care to Transport Patients to Hospitals
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Uber Health and Solve.Care have partnered up to revolutionize how patients get transportation when going to the hospital. The partnership seeks to use blockchain technology and crypto to enable patient’s book rides to the hospital and use crypto as payement.

Uber will grant Solve.Care access to its fleet of vehicles in the American region and Solve.Care will take care of the minor details of connecting the two into the health care sector. Payments will be made eiher via fiat currency, Care coin, or Solve token. The latter are native tokens minted on Ethereum blockchain. Once patients make payments, drivers will be paid by Solve.Care.

All the above will be made possible with the integration of Uber Health transportation system into Care.Wallet app. The app holds all of Solve.Care personal healthcare coordination and administration. The app is also what will enable patient’s to pay for their rides. On the other hand, Uber Health API will come into play to ensure no patient misses an appointment. It will also provide patients with direct access to Uber’s fleet of cars.

Partnership to Enable Patient’s to Share Cost

Through Care.Wallet, patients can easily share their ride’s cost with others such as insurers, employers, or family members. With the app in full compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, patients won’t have to worry about any other issues. On the other hand, the patient’s privacy won’t be infringed at any moment since Uber Health API is compliant with the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

In addition to all the above, according to Pradeep, Solve.Care founder and CEO, blockchain will help get rid of administrative redundancies, reduce insurance fraud. it will also help patient’s find the right medical practitioner. Similarly, blockchain will streamline the health sector and also reduce the overall cost. Although the services are scheduled for release later this year, users can download Solve.Care app available on the Apple store and Google Play.


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