TrueUSD Announced a New Scaling Stage in Partnership with TRON

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TrueUSD posted a new blog with the topic of trust scaling in TUSD. The team announced a new stage of scaling in TUSD that involves a partnership with TRON. TUSD token, launched in 2018, has experienced considerable growth since and is now looking for scaling to expand adoption.

New Partnerships Toward Maturing

TUSD has signed multiple partnerships with industry leaders in the past two years. The team behind the stablecoin added live independent auditor attestations in collaboration with Armanino in 2019.

The next big step was collaborating with Chainlink in 2020 that resulted in adding on-chain Proof of Reserves to TUSD. All of these partnerships have resulted in good adoption and support for TUSD. More than 100 exchanges now support TUSD, and its users are spread around more than 120 countries.

TrueUSD claims the team behind TUSD is very small with limited resources. Because of that, TrustToken has always been looking for a bigger partner with significant resources to help the development. According to the recent announcement, TRON is that powerful partner that will help TUSD scale:

“Today, we’re proud to announce TUSD will enter the next stage of its growth. Ownership of TUSD will be moving over to an Asia-based consortium that will be working with TRON to develop TUSD on Ethereum, TRON, and other blockchain networks.”


The biggest reason for partnering with TRON for TUSD was finding access to more resources. TrueUSD now believes the development process will go more independent from TrustToken. The other result will be the ability to provide services better in the Asian market, which has excellent growth potential.

The new partnership will not affect significant changes in the usability and features of TUSD. TrustToken still manages the operation, compliance, and banking relations of the TUSD. Rafael Cosman, CEO of TrustToken, said:

“Since our founding, TrustToken has been committed to bringing financial opportunity to all — and that’s what makes this partnership exciting for us. We’re glad to be taking this step to give TUSD the opportunity to become the world’s most traded and trusted stablecoin. We will continue supporting TrueUSD’s growth and success while putting more of our focus on TrueFi, which leverages and enhances the TrueUSD ecosystem.” 

TUSD holders can expect better operation and use-case from TUSD. New financial resources from TRON help the teams to develop faster and better on TUSD. Users will see access improvements because of better support for new blockchains. TUSD is now live on Ethereum and supports the Binance blockchain. As a result of the new partnership, it will remain the same on those blockchains but will go to TRON and other blockchains

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