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TRON Partners With Prosper; Prediction Markets and Hedging Will Come to TRON DeFi


A new partnership is announced between TRON and Prosper, focusing on prediction markets and hedging on TRON’s DeFi ecosystem. The partnership is a strategic step for TRON in expanding its DeFi ecosystem.

TRON plans to compete with Ethereum and BSC to become a foundation for DeFi applications. Services like Prosper make it possible for cross-chain prediction markets to make TRON a liable choice for DeFi developers. The tools offerings are getting complete on TRON, and migration to this blockchain may increase gradually.

TRON Trying to Attract More DeFi Developers

The fight for providing DeFi fundamentals is becoming fierce. Many blockchains are trying to attract developers from Ethereum by providing DeFi-focused services. TRON is one of the most active competitors in this fight to become a robust DeFi platform. It’s partnering with multiple blockchains and products to offer the best tools to developers. The partnership with Prosper will bring cross-chain prediction markets to TRON’s DeFi ecosystem.

Prosper is a decentralized cross-chain market prediction and hedging platform. It helps DeFi platforms solve the liquidity problem and provide more comprehensive products. Prosper’s most popular features for DeFi platforms are bet insurance, user-woned predictions and options, and fiat integration. When these features become available on TRON, we can expect a massive wave of developers to migrate to the new DeFi competitor.


Justin Sun, Founder of TRON, is one of the biggest DeFi supporters in the industry. He’s trying his best to expand TRON in this area and believes this blockchain can become the de-facto for faster, more efficient DeFi platforms. He says about the latest partnership with Prospect:

“TRON’s DeFi ecosystem is growing, and we are excited to be collaborating with Prosper to bring non-custodial, cross-chain prediction market and hedging to our mainnet. Partnering with the top DeFi projects is integral to TRON’s initiative to be All In on DeFi and is contributing to the meteoric rise of our booming DeFi ecosystem.”

The latest partnership between TRON and Prospect will bring numerous features and benefits for both platforms. TRON community can use TRX as the basic prediction token in all of Prosper’s futures. It means a lot of new liquidation options will be available for TRX holders. In other words, interest in providing liquidity in TRON’s DeFi ecosystem will rise. 

Prosper benefits from working with TRON, too. It will indeed find new users and use-cases that expand the service’s user-base. Iva Wisher, Co-Founder of Prosper, added: 

“TRON is one of the fastest-growing DeFi platforms in the Blockchain market. They have one of the biggest and most active communities in the entire crypto space. This partnership with TRON is an extension of Prosper’s efforts to collaborate with the biggest players of the DeFi world.”

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