TRON Now Available in Newly Launched Samsung Blockchain Keystore Software Development Kit (SDK)

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According to recent tweet by Tron network and BitTorrent CEO Justin Sun, TRON blockchain is now integrated with Samsung Blockchain Keystore. According to the company, this integration will provide new tools to make it easier for developers to build application on Tron blockchain and enable consumers to access these applications via Samsung devices.

Justin Sun’s tweet links followers to blog post by Tron Foundation according to which, Justin Sun will make an appearance at the Samsung Developer Conference (SDC19) in San Jose Convention Center, at 12:30pm on October 30 to provide more details and insights to this integration.

In the conference, Samsung will also make the official announcement of its new Blockchain Keystore SDK platform although it has been released yesterday, October 29.

Justin Sun, about this new collaboration with Samsung, said:

“This is a remarkable milestone for TRON, and I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to work with Samsung. We are totally in line with and will support Samsung’s vision and strategy on blockchain technology exploration.”

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According to Tron Foundation, Tron blockchain is integrated in an updated so Samsung Blockchain Keystore SDK.

This Samsung Blockchain Keystore Software Development Kit (SDK) gives users full control of their data by providing a platform to consolidate and easily manage private information and digital keys.

According to a blog post by Samsung Newsroom, Samsung Blockchain platform SDK was also released on October 29, 2019. According to Samsung, developers can use Samsung Blockchain Keystore API to request the Samsung Blockchain Keystore to sign a cryptocurrency transaction. Samsung Blockchain Keystore will show the requested transaction to the user on a secure screen called, Trusted User Interface (TUI), executed in the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE).

According the tech giant, it is a  solution developed to tackles two of the biggest obstacles in expanding the DApp ecosystem that include security and the complexity of building a mobile-compatible DApp. This platform will open new doors for developers as it will not only allow DApps but also, is highly attractive for legacy apps that want to integrate blockchain features, such as enabling payment with cryptocurrency.

The company, about this new platform, said:

“Samsung Blockchain Keystore is a critical part of Samsung’s blockchain initiative and addresses some of the key security concerns presented by bringing blockchain to mobile platforms. Samsung Blockchain Keystore allows security-conscious users to treat their phone like a cold wallet, storing their private information in a dedicated secure zone with the additional protection of Samsung Knox and TEE.”


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