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Ethereum exclusive, peer-to-peer trading platform Localethereum has just launched an upgraded version of its user interface, in addition to several new features that will expand traders’ capabilities when purchasing and selling ether (Ethereum’s native token) for fiat currency.

According to its official blog, changes are focused on the way the site is shown. One of these is the way users can navigate throughout homepage, thanks to a revamped layout that makes it easier to use, with access to main options available one-click away instead of being hidden in a dropdown menu, and key information being displayed directly under each option, whereas in the previous version, customers had to get to these in order to view it.

Another major change came to the offer management section of the trading platform. Developers rebuilt from the ground-up the way users can set up and control everything, and added a “pause all” button that allows high-volume traders to halt all current operations in one click.

Regarding new functionalities added to this new version, the team behind Localethereum implemented a featured called “price equations”, which allows traders to play extensively with the exchange rate of their offers.

The post reads:

“Before, you could peg your offers to a percentage margin above or below an external market feed. While this was suitable for most traders, we found that many needed more detail. Now everybody has the ultimate flexibility to code their own price equations.”

The way it was implemented allows customers to choose one of two options: a simple, easy way that only takes into account three variables to calculate said rate: percentage margin, if this is above or below market price, and market to use; and a more complex, but more customizable form of data pull-off to suit the needs of those more experienced.

Although the way it was structured is not too complicated, developers affirmed that a quick-start guide would be released soon in that same blog, with some example equations for common scenarios.

Lastly, the post mentions one more improvement regarding localization. The previous version of Localethereum had been translated to six languages including Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Hindi. In the new version, all languages were reviewed to polish them and make the site more user-friendly to non-English speakers, besides a minor fix to the way some currency amounts were formatted.

The post ends with the following statement:

“While the platform works fine, there is still a lot on our to-do list. We made a pledge in last year to keep on building and to never let the technology stagnate. We’re always thinking of new ways to make trading ether on the blockchain faster, safer, cheaper and easier for everyone.”


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