TrackCOVIDCluster, an App developed using the IOTA blockchain to track the spread of the coronavirus

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TrackCOVIDCluster is an application developed in the online WirVsVirus hackathon in Germany. The application uses the IOTA blockchain to track the location of people infected with the novel coronavirus A.K.A COVID-19.

Currently, the demo and the prototype are developed for the hackathon, and the final release will be available soon. Using the IOTA blockchain and the Tangle tool in this project is a remarkable achievement for the IOTA community.

“We’re glad to see the projects from the #IOTACommunity for the #WirVsVirus hackathon. @CovidTrack developed an app that uses the #Tangle to track contacts and the location of infected people to prevent the spread of #Covid19”, tweeted IOTA.

IOTA Tangle is the data structure at the heart of the IOTA blockchain. IOTA doesn’t use a blockchain to store the ledger, and Tangle is a DAG or directed acyclic graph. Tangle addresses the scale and transaction limits of traditional blockchain.

TrackCOVIDCluster transfers the data of infected people – fetched by the client application – to the Tangle. Public health institutions can view and use that secure data. Using blockchain as the backbone of TrackCOVIDCluster means no one can manipulate the data, so the integrity and accuracy are guaranteed.

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The German government held the hackathon to engage developers in making solutions for fighting the novel coronavirus pandemic. TrackCOVIDCluster team consists of the backend, blockchain, and mobile developers that are members of the IOTA community.

The new application provides a platform for people with COVID-19 symptoms to record their test results. After that, the app sends an anonymous notification to people that had contacted the patient. The notification warns those people that they may be infected with COVID-19.

Besides, they receive a secret code for reporting their situation to health authorities and even go into quarantine if needed. All that data is stored and transferred using IOTA Tangle, so the clients and authorities can trust its accuracy.

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