TQ Tezos and Coinlist Hold Tezos Hackathon on May 25th

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Tezos Hackathon is the latest hackathon announced in the blockchain community that will hold from May 25th to June 25th. There will be a total of $25000 prize pool for attending teams. CoinList, in partnership with TQ Tezos, will hols the hackathon. Interested groups and individuals can now sign up for the event on the Coinlist website.

Tezos is one of the blockchain projects that emphasize community building more than anything. The decisions, governing activities, and many more aspects of the network happens based on consensus from participants. The teams working on Tezos know the importance of community and try to grow it as more as possible.

TQ Tezos is a technology company working on the Tezos network and making products and tools for that. They are one of the most active teams in the Tezos community. Their partnership with CoinList exchange plays an essential role in engaging more users and developers to Tezos platform.

The Tezos hackathon that will hold on May 25th to June 25th has other partners from Tezos community like Baking Bad, Cryptonomic, LIG, SMARTPY, TAQUITO, Tezos Commons, and Truffle. They are all participants in developing Tezos infrastructure and will provide technical support for developers through the hackathon. All of the partners will have workshops for the attendees focused on their tools.

The judges of the hackathon are from famous blockchain companies. Alison Mangiero, co-founder of TQ Tezos, Spencer Noon, Head of Investment in DTC Capital, Kathleen Breiman, Cofounder of Tezos and Coase, and Sam McInglave, Head of Product at Coinbase Custody, are the confirmed judges so far.

Tezos hackathon teams will compete in three main topics: Decentralized Finance (first place: $5000 – second place: $3000), Gaming & Collectibles (first place: $4000 – second place: $2000), and Oracles on Tezos (first place: $4000 – second place: $2000). Two teams will be awarded by community vote (first place: $3000 – second place: 23000).

Nowadays that coronavirus pandemic had caused many people around the world to stay at home, learning and getting to know new technologies can be beneficial for those interested in technology. Tezos hackathon and other similar events in the blockchain community are the best chance to become familiar with innovative technologies.

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