Top Cryptocurrency Blogs in 2023 (Read Now)

Top Cryptocurrency Blogs in 2023 (Read Now)
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The past decade has witnessed a remarkable upsurge in cryptocurrency interest, stimulating a proliferation of cryptocurrency-centered blogs. As the hunger for information continues to intensify, these insightful platforms emerge as invaluable resources, meeting the needs of both novice crypto explorers and seasoned enthusiasts. From the basics of cryptocurrency to the cutting-edge blockchain applications, these blogs have got you covered.

Immerse yourself in the cream of the crop cryptocurrency blogs mentioned below.

BlogUnique Feature
CoinbaseLearning modules designed for crypto beginners
CoinDeskLive broadcasting events to engage audience
CryptoNews.comComprehensive guides to demystify crypto trading
CointelegraphCryptopedia to decode popular tokens and blockchain apps
Bitcoin Magazine21-day course to get up to speed on Bitcoin
news.bitcoin.com24/7 news feed on various Bitcoin-related topics
InvestopediaTrading and investing courses for beginners and experts alike
BitcoinistUnbiased global perspective on crypto events
HackerNoonCoverage of a wide range of tech topics including blockchain
Crypto AcademyIn-depth crypto guides, tutorials and reviews of the crypto landscape


Coinbase: Bridging the Crypto Knowledge Gap

Starting as a digital currency trading platform in 2012, Coinbase now accommodates numerous digital currencies, doubling as a crypto wallet for your digital assets. Through years of steadfast commitment to their mission—curating a crypto economy to facilitate quick and secure Bitcoin transactions—Coinbase has evolved into a premier crypto exchange platform.

The Coinbase Blog is a treasure trove of updated information about Coinbase and trending happenings in the crypto arena. Their learning modules, designed with beginners in mind, are perfect for anyone interested in getting started with crypto trading. Discover a wealth of knowledge from the Coinbase Learn section to satisfy your curiosity about digital currencies.

CoinDesk: Your Go-to Crypto Information Hub

CoinDesk, created shortly after Bitcoin’s inception in May 2013, quickly earned a reputation for being a respected community that covers the full crypto spectrum. Since being acquired by the Digital Currency Group, CoinDesk has expanded significantly, turning into an industry titan.

With over 50 dedicated journalists, CoinDesk offers authoritative content, reaching an average of 13 million monthly viewers. To further engage its wide-ranging audience, the platform has started hosting live broadcasting events, bringing them even closer to the vibrant world of crypto. Decoding the World of Cryptocurrencies

The ultimate destination for comprehensive, original news about emerging digital currencies, CryptoNews covers worldwide blockchain and cryptocurrency updates. Their content, curated with the public in mind, helps readers comprehend the potential future of their chosen tokens.

Despite the potentially overwhelming homepage, a look at the headers reveals the meticulously organized guides that make sense of crypto trading. Dive deep into the realms of Bitcoin, Ethereum, NFTs, DeFi, and other blockchain applications.

Cointelegraph: Unbiased Reporting on Crypto and Blockchain

Cointelegraph, established in 2013, provides balanced news and in-depth analysis of cryptocurrency prices, trends, and insights. This independent digital media resource also examines the societal transformation engendered by digital currencies.

The platform boasts a cadre of talented bloggers scattered worldwide who are recognized as leading minds in the crypto sphere. Alongside their informative blogs, Cointelegraph maintains a comprehensive Cryptopedia to decode the fundamental aspects of popular tokens and blockchain applications.

Bitcoin Magazine: Your Dedicated Bitcoin Resource

Bitcoin Magazine, created in 2012, is recognized for its trustworthy news and has the distinction of being the first and longest-running cryptocurrency news site. The digital magazine focuses on Bitcoin-related news, shedding light on how this pioneering digital currency is revolutionizing global economies.

Their resources include information about Bitcoin mining and conferences, a 21-day course to get you up to speed on Bitcoin, and even a limited-edition print version of the magazine available for purchase. The Premier Source of Bitcoin-related News, a service of, offers an unparalleled 24/7 news feed on various Bitcoin-related topics, including blockchain, digital currencies, Web3, and global economy. Established in 2015, the site is built on the belief that economic freedom can be achieved through awareness of Bitcoin’s potential to foster peace and prosperity.

Investopedia: Your Comprehensive Investment Guide

Investopedia, established in 1999, is a leading platform providing a plethora of resources on traditional and emerging investment assets. They offer a devoted section for cryptocurrency news and also provide trading and investing courses to help readers evolve from beginners to experts.

Bitcoinist: Breaking Ground in Crypto Journalism

Bitcoinist is an independent news outlet dedicated to providing unbiased articles that offer a global perspective on events shaping the cryptocurrency landscape. Their fact-checking process ensures accurate information and eliminates the chance of misinformation.

HackerNoon: Your Go-to Tech Blog

HackerNoon covers a broad spectrum of tech topics, including blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and Web3. The site prides itself on delivering high-quality, timely, and relevant tech content that’s free of paywalls, pop-ups, or data abuse.

Crypto Academy – Emerging Star

Emerging on the crypto scene in 2023, Crypto Academy quickly garnered esteem as a premier and trustworthy crypto blog. This fast-track to the limelight speaks volumes about the high-quality and detailed content it offers. The blog is a treasure trove of insights on topics such as digital currencies and NFTs, among others. It provides all-encompassing guides which demystify intricate aspects of cryptocurrency, making it an invaluable asset to crypto novices and veterans alike. Key areas of focus for Crypto Academy encompass in-depth crypto tutorials, current news flash, and a comprehensive review of the crypto sphere, thus equipping readers with a holistic grasp of this dynamic sector.

Wrapping Up

Cryptocurrency and blockchain are exciting tech innovations that are shaping the world today. Millions are already invested, and millions more are starting to adopt the trend. But before embarking on this journey, you must arm yourself with the proper knowledge from suitable sources.

It’s easy to fail in cryptocurrency, especially as the market constantly battles volatility. The only sure way to stay ahead is to be committed to your research and be vigilant of the resources you consume. With these top crypto blogs, you can have peace of mind that you’d gain the right insights backed by real crypto experts.

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