TON Releases an On-Chain Encrypted Messaging Feature

TON Releases an On-Chain Encrypted Messaging Feature
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Based on the recent announcement by the TON foundation on Twitter, the network has introduced an on-chain encrypted messaging feature for its users. With the introduction of the newest feature, it would become possible for users to send private messages to each other. The Open Network can be described as a blockchain network that has been forked from code previously created by the Telegram instant messaging team. However, Telegram abandoned the project back in 2020 long before a mainnet was ever launched.

The platform open-sourced TON’s code so others could continue with its development. The current network was built by the Foundation, and it claims that the network offers optimum scalability and transaction throughput than the others within the Web3 ecosystem. Furthermore, the new feature might not appeal to some as the network has always offered users the ability to send each other texts.

However, one of the main disadvantages was the publicity of these messages. With the new update, it would become possible to encrypt these messages end-to-end. This suggests that the messages would only be read by the intended recipient.

TON Continues to Move Forward

TON Continues to Move Forward

The core developer, Anatoly Makosov, stated that the feature would turn out to be useful in case of an apocalypse that fails other traditional messaging servers. If that happens, TON would be able to establish a name for itself as a reliable platform, with greater priority toward private communication.

The masses believe that the introduction of the encrypted messaging feature is an ideal decision to boost overall security levels. Data exploitation has become a common occurrence and it has become equally necessary to safeguard against these malicious acts. At the same time, a number of people believe that the feature was introduced to allow the personalization of different transactions. Regardless of what the message is, the service would be provided with maximum encryption.

As of now, encrypted messaging is available via the use of some retail wallet apps that include MyTONWallet, Open Mask, and TON Wallet. Similarly, the feature would also be added to the mobile wallet, TONKeeper, with the upcoming updates.

Back in May this year, the TON Foundation launched its $25 million accelerator program to encourage the development of applications on its network. Similarly, in November, an independent team created a Telegram trading bot to help onboard users to the network.


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