Tokenlon Integrates Uniswap and Curve to Offer Tokens at Better Prices

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Tokenlon released its 5th version that includes improvements and also important integration. The new version integrates Curve and Uniswap market makers to offer better prices on tokens.

Besides, the LON token is now available and ready to claim for early supporters. Tokenlon 5.0 will be ready in Beta for iOS and Android users of the imToken app. The new version will soon be ready in, too.

Price-focused Aggregation

Launched in 2017, Tokenlon provides many services for users interested in cryptocurrency tokens. The new version tries to expand and improve the offerings. It includes integration with two of the biggest token market makers.

Besides, releasing the LON token is another good news in the new version. The decentralized exchange now has its own token so its users will have another stream of revenue to try their chances on.

Decentralized exchanges need accurate price data to help users trade tokens easier. There is no centralized organization behind them to manage the price moves. So, they rely on data streams from market makers to determine the price. The new integration in Tokenlon exchange increases the number of price sources.


According to the release note:

“The new Tokenlon is a decentralized exchange that takes your input (e.g. ‘I want to sell 100 DAI to ETH’) and finds you the best price out of 3 different sources: Professional market makers that were the backbone of Tokenlon’s growth since 2018, Curve and Uniswap. That means you can trade more tokens and to better prices thanks to Curve and Uniswap integration. More coming soon.”

The release of the LON token is the other important news in the latest version of Tokenlon. Tokenlon will distribute the first LON tokens, like most of the other DeFi platforms.

Initial token distribution in Defi platforms often covers the most active and supportive users. According to Tokenlon, the first LON tokens will be distributed to those who participated in the Genesis Trading Mining:

“Those of you who participated in the Genesis Trade Mining and referral program, are able to claim your part of the 15,000,000 LON on 2020.12.23, 0:00 AM (UTC). In total, Genesis Mining assigned LON to more than 200K addresses. Those addresses are able to claim their LON tokens on the Tokenlon Dashboard (with the imToken wallet app or Metmask etc) with the smart contract on December 23rd at 0:00 UTC. Another 15 million LON are claimable by early supporters of Tokenlon and imToken, claimable also on 2020.12.23, 0:00 AM (UTC).”

Early users of Tokenlon or imToken app may be eligible to receive the new LON token. They have to check that in their new application in the Tokenlon Dashboard menu.

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