Tokenbox reveals latest Roadmap for 2018

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Tokenbox ecosystem is advancing in a very rapid pace. After shaping and growing the team of blockchain and FinTech oriented professionals, Tokenbox revealed a renewed Roadmap that features further steps of creating the platform up until the end of 2018.

RoadmapAs of now, the team is working on the “invisible” part of the platform, its very core, including the backend and stack development.

May and June promise to be eventful for Tokenbox. First, in several weeks first users will be able to register on the platform, authorize and pass the KYC procedure. A multi-currency wallet, one of the main features, will be available along with a payment processing option and some built-in analytics tools. Referral program will get a nice bonus to those users who refer Tokenbox to a friend.

This summer the Alpha- & Beta- versions of Tokenbox platform will be revealed. They will feature a customer analytics module, a rating system, an internal risk management system, integration with trading terminals. At the end of Q3 demo accounts trading will be finally replaced by real accounts.

Q4 is very important: Tokenbox platform is expected to launch, fully operational. Users will be able to use an investment account and tokenize their funds. The legal team expects to receive the DLT license of Gibraltar.

The timeline is said to be the minimum plan for this year. The Roadmap will definitely be expanded at some point, according to feedback that the team expects to get from the pioneers, those who register first.

And if it’s still not enough – in a short yet informative interview Tokenbox Chief Technical Officer Max Lukutin explains how the process of the platform’s creation is actually going on.

Maxim Lukutin


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