Token Tsunami: Prepare for Over $800 Million Unlocks In June

Token Tsunami: Prepare for Over $800 Million Unlocks In June
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  • In June 2024, more than $800 million in tokens will be unlocked, including Arbitrum, Aptos, and Starknet.
  • This unlock presents opportunities and challenges for traders and investors due to potential market volatility.
  • In addition to the main unlocks, there will be smaller but significant ones, such as Altlayer, Pixels and ApeCoin.

With the arrival of June 2024, an important event is looming in the world of cryptocurrencies: the unlocking of more than $800 million in cryptos.

This event, which includes notable unlocks such as Arbitrum, Aptos and Starknet, presents a unique opportunity for investors and traders, but also comes with significant challenges due to the potential volatility the market could experience.

Arbitrum, Ethereum‘s native Layer 2 token, will unlock 92.65 million tokens valued at approximately $105.62 million on June 16.

This unlock, which represents 3.2% of its circulating supply, will be distributed among the team, future teams, advisors and investors.

For its part, Aptos will release 11.31 million tokens on June 12, equivalent to 2.59% of its circulating supply, distributed among the foundation, the community, major contributors and investors.

Starknet, on the other hand, will unlock 64 million coins on June 15, valued at approximately $78.08 million.

This unlocking, which represents 5.61% of its circulating supply, will be divided between the first contributors and investors.

Other major unlocks include Space ID, with 78.49 million tokens valued at around $56.20 million, and Immutable, which will release 25.53 million tokens valued at around $56.42 million.

As these unlocks approach, investors and traders should prepare for possible volatility in the market.

While these events can represent growth opportunities, they can also lead to abrupt changes in the price of digital assets.

It is crucial to adapt investment strategies and be attentive to market fluctuations to fully capitalize on potential gains.

Token Tsunami: Prepare for Over $800 Million Unlocks in June

The role of liquidity in the Token market

Liquidity plays a crucial role in the cryptocurrency market, especially during token unlock events.

As new coins are introduced to the market, the available supply increases, which can influence the supply and demand for a particular digital asset.

Investors should closely monitor how these new tokens integrate into their respective ecosystems and how they affect the overall market price and liquidity.

Adapting investment strategies and staying informed about market developments are key to successfully navigating this ever-changing environment.


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