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Tkeycoin: going back to the essence of Bitcoin

At the present time we already have more than 1,500 cryptocurrencies and continue to appear more, as new projects come to light through their ICOs, offering the world innovations and economic ecosystems that are building the culture of tokenization. However, regarding bitcoin, the first of all cryptocurrencies, the situation has changed significantly; it is ceasing to be a means of payment to become a kind of digital asset of value hoarded by investors. That was not his purpose. But the people of Tkeycoin  have an interesting idea about it to rescue the essence, and we’ll talk about that here.

Tkeycoin aims to introduce a universal token that carries the spirit of the original cryptocurrency and mother of all, the bitcoin, and maintains it as an explicitly social and equal contribution to global life. And  they are doing this in a practical way through its ICO. Tkeycoin seeks with all this to become the signal that gives life to all aspects of human effort, including the linking of existing cryptocurrencies in a single decentralized, just and democratic ecosystem. Let’s see how.

Developed as an equal platform, its token will act as a mechanism to contract services and buy goods, exchange knowledge or anything else, just like the society imagined by many when Bitcoin was launched in 2009. They consider that factors such as the lack of will of the public in general, as the huge fragmentation of what they call cryptosphere in thousands of tokens makes many developers maintain a terminal trend for the universe of cryptocurrencies, and that is exactly what they intend to reduce and avoid as early as possible, through developments to achieve the implementation of the original vision and bitcoin. Through the Autonomous Decentralized Organization (DAO) of Tkeycoin, the developers of this universal token hope to obtain funds from willing investors who share the same vision.

Tkeycoin proposes to solve certain problems that he has found in the global economy, and considers that his answer could be the best. According to an investigation carried out by them, four fundamental obstacles prevent most of the cryptocurrencies from having a significant impact, namely: scalability, narrow application, difficult use and the absence of a corporate market. These four aspects are the reason why cryptocurrencies are not a significant threat to the existing fiduciary currency system in the world. The company aims to close this gap by helping to bring cryptocurrencies to the masses.

Through greater accessibility it is natural that the ease of use of the cryptocurrency be amplified and its economic reach extended. Therefore, users from all over the world can enjoy the benefits of a decentralized, fast and low-cost payment system, easy to use and available to all equally.

It is worth mentioning that Tkeycoin will use its own blockchain protocol to bring cryptocurrencies to millions of users, using an advanced bandwidth capable of supporting 500,000 transactions per second.

Tkeycoin also promotes a fair purchase policy based on a verification protocol that accurately records supplier qualification data. Thus, all operations and transactions that take place in the Tkeycoin DAO are verified through intelligent contracts, and fraudulent transactions in the network are dispelled, providing greater security.

As for its ICO, 105 million TCD will be launched, the token itself. The value will be 1 TCD = 1 USD and each year 30 million new coins will be issued.

To know more details of this platform, we recommend checking their White paper, and follow them at their Telegram channel for news about their ICO.

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