Ties.Network more than a Decentralized business platform

ties network

Specialization in new technologies forces employers and entrepreneurs to locate talents whose knowledge and skills meet the challenges of a dynamic and growing environment. Placing talents has always been a determining factor, and if this work comes from a new platform whose technology based on blockchain will facilitate processes through its benefits, it will be even more so. In this post we will talk about the platform Ties.Network, its proposal in this context, and its ICO that just ends.

Ties.Network addresses technology with the appropriate fault-tolerant, transparent, instant, and easy-to-use platform for commercial communications. While all business models have successfully routed a digital presence, professional engagements in this space are still somewhat relaxed.

Covering a broad spectrum of professional tasks such as research, tenders, investments, recruitment and selection, avoiding insignificant delays and bringing accurate processing are the highlights of Ties.Network. The network operates instantaneously as soon as the user fills his profile. As companies turn to profitable cloud solutions today, Ties.Network takes a step forward and is committed to 100% data security.

The platform gathers promising commercial projects and highly accredited professionals. From developers and vendors, to consultants and experts in their industry. They can use the platform to hire, contact potential partners, hire employees and volunteers or financiers to leverage projects, make a due diligence of a company or business and much more.

Ties.Network guarantees that all users sends all the details about their professional experience that is shared with an interested business partner when asked. The qualification of the network is guaranteed by real businesses that have been successfully carried out in the blockchain. Users can be sure that the potential partners of their projects have an irrefutable qualification.

The functionality of the network is based on intelligent contracts. Ties.Network seeks to be the replacement of contracts in paper of old tradition. Extremely secure commercial communications with greater attention to authenticity, authority, anonymity and accessibility are characteristics of Blockchain’s enormous potential for this reality. Users who contact each other to continue a project or take-a-service simply enter the agreement through the respective smart contract, negotiating the conditions immediately and paying in cryptocurrency directly on the platform.

Ties.Network makes it easier for the contractor and employee to participate in the project discussion that potentially unites them. Without wasting much time in the exchange of contract deeds, those interested can search for an appropriate partner and get on board instantly. As simple as once you have connected to a desired contractor, the terms and conditions defined in the Smart Contract are accepted.

Unlike other Blockchain network platforms where the payment cycle is a tedious procedure, Ties.Network requires its users to pay in advance as mentioned in the respective Smart Contract for the service to proceed. This is in fact mandatory before sending the contract to the portal. Once the service or agreement is completed, the promised payment is made to the respective user.

For Ties.Network user reviews are critical because they determine the reliability and reputation of each candidate to be part of the network. The confidence and originality of user reviews are the basis of an impeccable transaction experience in the Blockchain environment, so the rating system at Ties.Network does not allow fake reviews for skill sets. Since the reviews sent to Blockchain can not be changed, the platform guarantees total transparency.

In addition, users can use the portal’s anonymity feature to confidently share information about a particular investor or employee. This will be very useful for identifying corrupt practices, illegitimate offers, scams and others.

Ties.Network also has its own currency, the TIE token for faster transactions on the portal. The TIE token can be used to pay for any type of transaction, such as recruitment, investment, payments and others. In order for services to reach more users without the hassle of payments, tokens can be used to save time in the usual payment cycle. Although fully optional, users can also trade with ETH. However, paying with TIE is exempt from any  additional cargo or commission.

TIE tokens are the digital currency used by members in the Ties.Network platform. The purchase and sale of tokens is done through the exchange of internal platform or through an external exchange. All offers processed on the platform are paid with TIE tokens which can be converted into other Cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH or Ripple and in Fiduciary Currency). There are a total of 140,000,000 tokens available.

Ties.Network ends its ICO with a significant collection that will allow them to advance in the development of their platform. To learn more about this interesting platform, you can review their White paper.