THORSwap Relaunches Token Swaps with Surveillance Features

THORSwap Relaunches Token Swaps with Surveillance Features
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THORSwap, a decentralized finance exchange (DEX) built on the THORChain network, has announced that it is close to relaunching its token swap function after pausing it due to regulatory pressure.

On October 6, the exchange suspended its swap service following a request from authorities who claimed that illicit funds were flowing into the platform. This sparked a backlash from some users who accused the DEX of betraying the core principles of decentralization and censorship resistance.

However, THORSwap has decided to comply with the authorities’ demands and implement surveillance features on its platform. In a series of tweets on October 09, the exchange revealed that it is integrating a chain analysis firm’s solution to provide address screening capabilities.

The DEX did not disclose the name of the chain analysis firm or the details of how the address screening would work. It also did not explain what would happen if an address or transaction was flagged as suspicious or illegal.

THORSwap’s Decision Has Sparked an Intense Debate

THORSwap's Decision Has Sparked an Intense Debate

The DEX’s decision to add surveillance features has received mixed reactions from the crypto community. Some users praised the team behind the exchange for its quick response and professionalism, while others criticized it for capitulating to the authorities and compromising the privacy and freedom of its users.

Some prominent voices in the crypto space, such as Chris Blec, a self-proclaimed “DeFi Watchdog”, argued that THORSwap should have shut down its entire project instead of enforcing “tyrannical and immoral laws” against its users.

Blec also warned that THORSwap’s move could have negative implications for other protocols on the THORChain network. The THORSwap incident highlights the challenges and trade-offs that DeFi projects face in a highly regulated and uncertain environment. 

While DeFi aims to provide financial services without intermediaries, authorities are increasingly cracking down on DeFi platforms that facilitate illicit activities. This raises questions about the future of DeFi and its ability to deliver on its promise of financial sovereignty.

At the time of writing, ThorSwap’s THOR token has shown signs of recovery, increasing 14.3% in the last 24 hours, trading at around $0.166060 according to data from CoinGecko.


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