This Australian firm is Utilising Renewable Energy to Power Blockchain

We can indeed use blockchain technologies to benefit significantly financially. But, likewise, it can also help people improve life around the globe. With the philosophy of making the world a better place for communities using blockchain Technology, Phaeton strives to create a sustainable environment for our future generations.

The Phaeton Blockchain

Various forms of renewable energy are used to power the Australia-based Phaeton Blockchain. Renewable energy enables Phaeton to deploy advanced solutions across the sectors of Identity Management, Real Estate, the Internet of Things, Data Centers, and so on. This Australian company is the first to utilise renewable energy for its projects. As a result, not only is Phaeton completely green, but it also provides speed, security, and the smartness of blockchain.

The Phaeton Blockchain is a decentralised ledger with a 250 KB block size (one million potential transactions) that it can create in the time frame of 5 seconds. The delegated proof of stake and the delegated Byzantine fault-tolerant consensus algorithm is used in this blockchain to facilitate an energy-efficient network. This network is very safe, fast, and secure. Phaeton is an independent blockchain that provides a platform for transactions, whether monetary, data, or smart contracts. The speed, scalability, and security of the Phaeton Blockchain are critically dependent on an individual’s ability to host a node.


The PHAE Coin

The Phaeton blockchain released its native cryptocurrency, the PHAE coin. Users will use the PHAE coin for transaction fees, delegates, and various rewards within the Phaeton ecosystem. Holders will use the PHAE coin for all the staking interactions on the Phaeton blockchain, which is governed by DPoS community validators. This governance model empowers the PHAE coin holders in terms of platform governance.

With the growth and development of the Phaeton company, the value of PHAE coins will also increase because it is a commodity-based cryptocurrency. For boosting the value of a token soon after launch, Phaeton has developed various solutions on the Phaeton Blockchain. The Phaeton blockchain’s functionalities provide intelligent contracts and sidechain functions, enabling the development of solution suites. These solutions are across various industries such as real estate, identity management, cryptocurrency staking, carbon Credit trading, and the internet of things (IoT).

Projects That Will Boost PHAE

Some of the upcoming projects of the Phaeton blockchain include Phaeton Real Estate, Phaeton Smart Identity Management, and Phaeton Smart Homes.

  • Phaeton Real Estate takes an NFT based approach with its real estate projects. This project will construct various sites for both residential and commercial purposes.
  • Phaeton Smart Identity Management project aims to implement blockchain to provide identity management solutions without compromising users’ privacy.
  • Phaeton smarter homes implement the internet of things that use Phaeton blockchain solutions to provide users with a secure, safe, fast, smart home experience. These smart homes are also being designed to be energy efficient.

Phaeton to the mainstream

PHAE coin entered into mainstream trading through five exchange listings. These listings have provided Phaeton worldwide exposure. Even at its early stages, Phaeton is already being compared to Solana because they can both process transactions at lightning speed. Phaeton and Solana both aim at solving Real-world problems; that is why they are set to rise continuously.

The native PHAE coin is a utility token that we can utilise across the Phaeton ecosystem. It uses Phaeton’s real estate, carbon credit trading, staking nodes, data centres, and identity management. With the vast utility at hand, we can predict a rapid and steady rise in the value of the PHAE coin. This rise will also be boosted by the numerous transactions of the token in various exchanges.

Why Invest in PHAE?

The regulatory environment worldwide can be seen to target Defi protocols to regulate them under strict guidelines. As a result, we may witness the eradication of numerous existing protocols, which will make them non-existent. Only a few protocols will survive this next big move of the Defi market.

Phaeton blockchain comprises everything necessary to take it to the next level. It also has a great potential to multiply our investment manifold in the future phase of the market.

Phaeton has its incubator platform for enterprises with social impact. Phaeton is not waiting for new Enterprises to implement the Phaeton Blockchain and has several projects on its own under the motto “Action Yields Results.” We also get to see a real estate NFT Marketplace on the Phaeton platform, which gives NFTs a new real-world use case. All these factors make Phaeton a significant investment choice today.

Is Phaeton the future?

The Phaeton Blockchain has set a goal to invest and develop products that have a significant impact socially. Phaeton is also incorporating the best use cases of Crypto. In addition, Phaeton is making it possible to own real-world properties digitally. The renewable energy powered Phaeton Blockchain has already raised more than $1 million for all the social initiatives it has undertaken. While Phaeton is still at an early stage, it’s a good time to invest.