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Cold Transmutaion
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New technologies tend to meet sometimes hostile environments and other times with more enthusiastic circumstances. In these times of boom of ICO’s and the spread of blockchain-based solutions that seek to be channeled through crowfunding formulas diversity can overwhelm, however it is important to observe carefully to appreciate opportunities that can change the course of history for the good of humanity. In this opportunity we will talk about a unique blockchain undertaking of its kind: Synthestech.

The Synthestech project is unique both in terms of its technology and its perspectives. The number of digital projects is increasing in geometric progression, but there are almost no projects like Synthestech based on a global technological advance.

We are not facing a software category product, or some intangible as in the services market; we are faced with the development of a technique called Cold Transmutation, which is based on the transformation of chemical elements into others. More specifically in terms of precious metals; is the possibility of obtaining metals from the platinum group and other valuable elements, including gold, from cheap raw materials by artificial means.

For Synthestech people the ability to synthesize chemical elements will change the economy in a much more significant way, compared to even blockchain technology.

The phenomenon of cold transmutation was discovered in the last decades. The Synthestech team is developing this technology; among the numerous experiments and results they have obtained is the obtaining of metals from the platinum group. The team of Vladislav Karabanov managed to discover the correct technique and many successful experiments prove it. In the course of the experiments they detected the appearance of valuable chemical elements of the platinum group: platinum, iridium, palladium, ruthenium, etc. in matrices of low-value chemical elements such as copper, iron, tin, etc.

The precious metals that can be obtained through cold transmutation do not deteriorate or disappear. This is therefore an objective value, which has a high cost in the modern world and will always be valued. The platinum metals and other valuable elements obtained as a result of cold transmutation will be used in various applications in modern industry and in jewelery.

As a result of Cold Transmutation, chemical elements with a modified isotopic composition can be obtained. These isotopes are in demand in the electronics industry.

It should also be noted that the elements obtained through cold transmutation, according to historical data, have a powerful biogenic effect, so that medical applications are also possible.

What Syntestech needs to move forward.

To transform the developed knowledge into industrial technology, a laboratory complex is needed. This should include an analytical laboratory with the most modern equipment; a laboratory for the purification and separation of substances and a platform with processing complexes for the production of cold transmutation reactors.

Syntestech seeks the opening of the world’s first laboratory for Cold Tranmutation of chemical elements and their isotopes, and the development of this technology on an industrial scale. The laboratory will provide a site for researchers from around the world, where they will continue to study the Cold Transmutation phenomenon.

For these purposes, Synthestech will issue tokens on the Ethereum platform. The funds raised will be used for the construction of a laboratory and the development of Cold Transmutation technology on an industrial scale. Each investor receives a digital token (Synthestech Token – STT), which will have the most modern laboratory complex. At the same time, this laboratory will develop a technology for the production of valuable substances that will provide investors with a stable income. The advantage of this system is that investors do not risk their money: they all have very real and valuable assets.

The project will begin to bear fruit after the launch of the production. That goal is expected to be achieved by 2020, even sooner. The capitalization of the project will increase immediately after the construction of the laboratory.

Token STT – Token Synthestech

STT tokens are established to produce an increasing benefit. The earnings can be obtained a few months after ICO’s investment campaign. Because the price of STT tokens, according to the forecasts of the experts, will increase considerably after the laboratory’s operational launch. Another price jump is expected after the publication of the work reports. You will not have to wait long: the complex launch must be done in the third quarter of 2018. And by 2020, the portfolios of contributors who joined Synthestech in the first phase of ICO will be the envy of other investors.

The issuance of Tokens STT aims to create real material values based on precious metals, which They will always have value.

The basis of the STT project and its income is the unique know-how and innovative technology known by a narrow circle of people. This is a complicated knowledge that takes a long time to implement. Maybe tens of years. This technology will generate income permanently. And the opportunity to take part in it is at this time.

The platinum metals market, for which Synthestech is developing the synthesis technology, is worth 12 to 14 billion dollars annually. There is a constant demand for these metals in industry, electronics and medicine. And there are even more project opportunities. The objective perspectives are much broader.

 The general information of the project as well as the white paper, road map, team members and contacts are available on the website, as well as links to the social networks of Synthestech.


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